Is it okay to choose your own adventure after finishing the Original MSG show?

So, I finished watching the original Mobile Suit Gundam show yesterday. It was a genuinely fantastic show, but today, rather than watching 0083 and Zeta, I chose instead to watch Char’s Counterattack (the film sequel to Gundam and Zeta) and will later watch Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn episode 1 (the OVA cut, ofc).

I honestly feel that once you get the original show out of the way, it’s basically “choose what you want” when it comes to whatever you’ll watch next. Oh, I WILL watch 0083 and Zeta, but I was just in the mood to see how Char and Amuro’s story ended knowing that Zeta played a part in why Char acts the way he does in that movie, that and to see a Mobile Suit with a Unicorn horn toss a green one around like a ragdoll.
I don’t know if others in the fandom agree with this perspective, considering I only became a casual fan last year. Does anyone here agree with me?

Honestly, aside for maybe a few little mentions here and there. You’ll be just fine.


Another question: I just finished watching episode 1 of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, however, I had to watch it with Japanese audio as it seemed like the 9anime upload of the English audio was busted (The opening scene, a flashback to UC 0001, was literally undubbed).

Is this actually the case in the English audio where the opening scene was literally undubbed?

No, the full episode has a Dub. I believe Unicorn could be streamed on Netflix. Don’t quote me on it however. I’ve either watched it on Gundam.Info via YouTube or the Blu-Rays I own.


I checked, TH is correct. Unicorn is available on Netflix and on HULU.