Is it in your nature

In animals there is a nature that is so uncontrolled it is feared they call it instinct but we call it nature.

In every animal there is a nature to kill so this is the question you must ask yourself is it in my nature.

I call it survival what do you call it?

a lucky skill to the select few who would use it for good

I agree with HNO

This means war… poetry war

You have no idea what your getting yourself into…besides hes a ghost, he only comes on here once or twice so why bother? (trust me DragoninDisguise im saving your sanity here)

We look to the night sky,
forever to question,
always wondering why,
we take such woeful actions.

War is a lie,
and humanity is flawed,
love fails to apply,
and liars we applaud.

But despite all the sorrow,
that we so eagerly create,
there is hope in this limbo,
for peace to be our fate.

The hands of many,
must join as one,
woven so calmly,
under this blackened sun.

Together we can rise,
together we can show,
this peace is no guise,
and that love will stay aglow…

i Withdraw my last post…well bro looks like youve got some competition here lol

I am a Shadow
Never with Form

I am a Liar
Always False Truth

I am Left with nothing
because I am never whole

I am a thief
Never Gaining

I am apart of life
Never apart of Death

I am Ignored
Never paid attention

I was once in Life
Now in Death

I am A Shadow
A liar and A Thief

So only in Death
Am I Set Free

I am a Shadow, a Liar, and a Thief…


Alright bro try this on for size:

Night Wolf

Theres always a calm before the storm
For those so desperate for reform

They beg, they plead, then ultimatley fight for peace
But in the end they leave the future’s children to weep

To End all War by Fighting is Hypocracy
To End all War at All is Insanity

War has been apart of Man since the Dawn of Time
It will be with us till the End of Time

But I will always be here, steadfast and snarling
Along with my Mate, my Love, my Darling

We will guard the Gates of Peace and More
Until we are set loose, we Dogs of War

I am the Wolf who Haunts the Warring Night
Until I rest on Peace’s Morning Light

But until that morning’s peace comes to me
I will be the Warrior of Night, without fear or mercy

In all I am a Guardian, a Warrior…

I Am Night Wolf

They wander alone,
they walk in silence,
and are all that is left,
as the icy wind blows,
as the icy wind blows…

They fight to survive,
they strive for each other,
as the sky turns to gray,
and the icy wind blows,
and the icy wind blows…

They see the hopes,
they see the dreams,
of all that once was,
the icy wind blows,
the icy wind blows…

They continue on,
they battle their fate,
knowing death awaits,
when the icy wind blows,
when the icy wind blows…

They stand surrounded,
they stand outnumbered,
under the midnight moon,
then the icy wind blew,
then the icy wind blew…

Gundams are majestic, don’t be fooled
Gundams are awesome, you needn’t be told
As far as poetry … you all just got schooled!

Ha! Take that!


(Stands up and applaudes) BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO SQUEAM!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Screw rhyming… zebra

deal with it…

Dont you mean Zeta DnD? lol -_-

On a more serious note…

We were from dust
from nothing
One day we will return to it
to dust
On that day we will be judged
on our sins
our virtues
we shall return back
to nothingness

In all seriousness, some really nice stuff in here (excluding mine). What a talented bunch!

As we challenge the sky for
domination over the Earth
we as humanity wonder
can we sprout wings and fly
if icarus can why not me
for if human he was
So am i apart of Humanity.