Is Gundam on One same galaxy?

Sorry for the very long post. But this is question that every Gundam fan has asked forever. Do the Gundam series take place in at the same time. My theory is that they do, or most of them do. All of them but Turn A and Age are in the last and in the past all of the people of earth spread out of earth into other places of the galaxy. An each place has their own Earth and colonies and everything. Now since that happened the other places don’t know why happens in the other places. All of the places are individual. So one places may have Zeon while another place has Celestail Being. Age and Turn A take place in the future because both of them hint that Gundam used to exist. And they both have Dark histories of wars. And both of them abandoned the old technologies. But in both of them they have remnants of the past. That is my theory.

In the Universal Century timeline, “Gundam” is the name of the Earth Federation’s (Chikyū Renpō, 地球連邦) first experimental general-purpose mobile suit, which is incredibly powerful, compared to most of the mass-produced models eventually used by either side. Afterwards, many powerful mobile suits based on the Gundam’s design also carry the name, such as the Gundam Mk-II, Z Gundam, LM312V04 Victory Gundam, etc. The Anaheim Gundams, or Greek alphabet Gundams are a series of mobile suits developed by the fictional company Anaheim Electronics, some of them are notably carrying different style heads than other Gundams in the series, like the Rick Dias (Gamma Gundam) and Hyaku Shiki (Delta Gundam). In this timeline, Gundam often stands for General-purpose Utility, Non Discontinuity Augmentation Maneuvering weapon system.
In the Future Century timeline, the word “Gundam” refers to a space colony’s entry in the “Gundam Fight”, a competition that determines which colony would rule the Earth for the next 4 years. The pilots who use these Gundams are known as “Gundam Fighters”. However, some suits that are called Gundams are not entries in the Gundam Fight at all, with the most operative examples being the JDG-009X (JDG-00X) Devil Gundam and the JMF-1336R (JMF1336R) Rising Gundam.
In the After Colony timeline, the word “Gundam” refers to most mobile suits constructed out of a special alloy called “Gundanium”, which can only be mined and produced in space. This alloy gives the Gundams high resistance to conventional weaponry and renders them stealthy under radar, due to its nature of absorbing electromagnetic radiation. Every Gundam has a unique name that befits the nature of the suit and/or its origins, such as the XXXG-01W Wing Gundam, XXXG-01D Gundam Deathscythe and the XXXG-01S Shenlong Gundam.
The After War timeline is a loose continuation of the Universal Century, presenting an alternate scenario, with many of the mecha designs loosely based on Universal Century suits. The “Gundam” in this show refers to mobile suits from the previous era built from lunar titanium alloy, and suits made in the After War era that were based on Gundams.
In the Correct Century timeline, the name “Gundam” is given to the WD-M01 Turn A Gundam mobile suit by a specific character, who was originally an ace pilot, but was placed under suspended animation. The color scheme of the Turn A reminds the character of the Gundam mobile suits from previous eras.
In the Cosmic Era works, Gundams are mobile suits that carry a specific type of operating system, first secretly produced (without the programmer himself knowing what he is programming the system for) by the one of the protagonist’s robotics research group, and faced a few upgrades by various factions throughout the story. The acronym of the operating system’s original version and its variations always spells “GUNDAM”, hence the name of the suits. However, this is retconned by later toys and scale models tagging the “Gundam”, after the unit’s own name.
In the Anno Domini timeline of Mobile Suit Gundam 00, the term Gundam is the generic designation of a line of unique and highly effective mobile units developed by Celestial Being, such as the GN-001 Gundam Exia and GN-002 Gundam Dynames. Distinct from concurrently introduced weapons, suit torsos contain a core generator system known as the GN Drive or Solar Furnace, capable of sustaining independent unit function for an indefinite period of time without needing to refuel. In addition, onboard propulsion recycles the generator’s GN particle exhaust for high-speed, virtually unlimited output. The particle exhaust disrupts the use of conventional radar and a range of wireless communications.
In the Advanced Generation of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, the Gundam was a legendary mobile suit developed by ancestors of main character Flit Asuno. When he inherits the AGE Device from his mother, which contains plans of a mobile suit that resembles a painting of the Gundam he saw, he decides to name the new mobile suit (and its following models) after it.

The majority of Gundam, including the earliest series, occur in the Universal Century (UC) calendar, with later series set in alternate calendars or timelines mostly unrelated to the UC system (at least three of these calendar systems were actually initially numbered after the year that the series premiered, with 1979’s Mobile Suit Gundam taking place in UC 0079, 1995’s Mobile Suit Gundam Wing in After Colony 195, and 2007’s Mobile Suit Gundam 00 taking place in 2307).

Mobile Fighter G Gundam takes place in the Future Century (FC), where space colonies have gained the upper hand over Earth, consequently attempting to put an end to the internal power struggles now plaguing the planet.
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing takes place in the After Colony (AC) calendar system, set after the foundation of the first space colony, where Earth firmly maintains repressive control over its colonies.
After War Gundam X takes place in the After War (AW) timeline, set after the conclusion of the 7th Space War, where the Earth is devastated by massive colony drops.
∀ Gundam takes place in the CC (正歴 Seireki?) calendar system, which director Yoshiyuki Tomino intended as the distant future of all previous timelines. The CC sees the colonies becoming much stronger than the Earth, but unlike the FC timeline, takes a more aggressive stance towards it. The English acronym of CC is Correct Century (コレクトセンチュリー), in the official Japanese ∀ guide book.
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, its sequels, and spinoffs take place in the Cosmic Era, with CE referring to the years after the foundation of the first space colonies.
Mobile Suit Gundam 00, is so far the only series to occur during the non-fictional Anno Domini (西暦 Seireki?) timeline. This is reflected in the show with a worldview that more reflects the modern world, and the presence of real-life conflicts and rebel groups such as the Real Irish Republican Army and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.
Mobile Suit Gundam AGE takes place in the Advanced Generation (AG) calendar system, which is set after hundreds of years of space colonization and is characterized by the end of all wars in the Earth sphere and a period of peace before the sudden attack of the UE.
Bandai and Japanese-speaking fans unofficially refer to projects not directly related to the first Gundam series or its staffers (such as Gundam Sentinel and Mobile Fighter G Gundam) as “Another Gundam” stories, and to projects made after 1989 as “Heisei Gundam” stories. On a survey for a video game that would become Gundam: True Odyssey, the Cosmic Era series (including Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray) were collectively referred to as “21st Century First Gundam” (a reference to the original Mobile Suit Gundam series). English-speaking fans have used the term “Alternate Universe” (“AU” for short) as a nickname for the stories that do not take place within the Universal Century timeline, but this is made unofficial for use in Japan.

All this info is from Wikipedia’s page for Gundam.

I personally think they’re all unrelated, Paralele universes maybe but aside from games, nothing really gonna happen.

Turn A was the closest to a Merger of Universes, and really the only thing it had was UC stuff while it had Mobile Dolls the Universal Century had AI’s such as ALICE in the Sentinel Gundam and Ex-S. There was also a lesser known OYW suit called the Zephyr Gundam in some smaller side story that had an AI. So in all reality no one can really tell if it’s just wayy late UC or what.

Also the Rick Dias isn’t really a Gundam that was just a name used in devlopment mainly refering to it’s new metal in the Armor, and the Hyaku Shiki and Delta Gundam are diffrent suits (The Hyaku Shiki was spawned from the Devlopment when they had issues with the Delta.) also I don’t think Gundam was an Acronym in the Universal Century only time I rember that was in the CE.

It’s true, while Turn A considers past series events as Canon (especially the UC), I doubt the UC considers CC canon. Maybe because it was created by the same creator. It also did remark on past series when the characters viewed the Black History.

I don’t suppose you should go watching new UC series and thinking “Gosh, these people need to stop fighting before they set the world back a thousand years!” :lol:

Not sure about SEED, 00 or AGE. They where created after Turn A, I suppose those truly are Alternate Universes.

i really wish they were all the same. I do know that 00 and UC are unrelated because i was reading the unicorn manga the other day and in the first chapter it said that UC was after 00. If that is the case then RX-78-2 would not be the first gundam ever. instead Exia would be. But remember I also think that the original people decided to spread out and colonize elsewhere in the galaxy. Then each colony separated themselves from the original Earth.

I think that UC and AU are unrelated. Each timelines have their own histories. If they would be in one universe, it would mean that the current technology would always be wiped out prior to that specific timeline.

This is page in the manga. And each timeline can have their own history of they were not connected to other timelines. Like let’s explain. Lets say AD and UC. In AD we have only 4 Gundam, GN Drives, and orbital elevators. In UC we got many gundams, a civil war, and colonies. But each timeline has their own history and tech. But for all we know they may have the same ancestors which would be us.

I feel like bashing my own head in based on your stupid logic. Anno Domini is our timeline they used it to set a reference point that we can relate to…Its basically a beginning point. They all come from some sort of AD at some point, except for 00 which takes place during an Anno Domini timeline. Every Gundam has an AD in their timeline, it does not mean they are connected.
After Colony started after an AD .They named their century After Colony after the colonies were made.After War comes from an off-shot of UC which in turn Came from an AD.To think that they all happen chronologically from one century to another is downright preposterous.

You my friend, you, you are smarter than the man who posted this.

Regarding my last post, apparently in the Manga adaption of Turn A there where a few suits from Wing’s timeline (Can’t for the life of me rember the term wanna say AC, but I think that’s G sorry I’m scatter brained at the moment.) So yeah guess I was wrong on that small tid bit.

Ok so to mono said they all connect at turn a. Then explain how 00 and AGE connects too.

You don’t have to act like an asshole to make a point.

“I” and “O” are placed side by side on a qwerty keyboard. He must just have typed in “O” in place of “I” accidentally.

IMHO, Tomino’s idea in the timeline of Turn A is metaphoric in nature. He wasn’t so happy at the beginning of universes outside of U.C. timeline. He softened in the end, and accepted alternate universes. It doesn’t litterally mean that all of the other alternate universes and future Gundam AU series will be/are connected in a single stream of time.

Let’s say there’s the Moonlight Butterfly whose purpose is to destroy all other existing technologies and start from scratch. But what about the existing nature conditions? Some timelines emphasized that at some point in time, oil reserves have became dangerously low that there was an attempt to search for alternate source of energy. Gundam 00 and Seed used that concept. In Universal Century, it was indirectly implied. I remember Jerid commenting on an unconverted from fuel-powered engine to an electric powered onwer-type jeep when trying to escape in Jaburo. It might mean that alternate source of energy is also being explored in U.C.

In Gundam 00, orbital elevator was the solution. In Gundam Seed, nuclear technology was used, and there was a power crisis when neutron jammers were buried deep in the ground.

Another theory that I have in mind is that natural human evolution existing in Universal Century and other AUs should co-exist within the universes. Most alternate universes have their own version of human evolution because it’s a common theme in Gundam, but the exact science of how humans evolve in each timelines is inconsistent with each other.

In U.C., Newtypes are said to be an adaption of human body to life in space, giving them heightened mental awareness. With almost 200 years of colonization in After Colony, no Newtypes exist in Gundam Wing. While not all people do not evolve to be a Newtype, is 200 years of living in space not enough for a single human to evolve into a Newtype?

Mu La Flaga have Newtype characteristics, but it is limited only to the clones of his father, and again, only him and Kira, Rau, and Ray displayed spatial awareness while people had been living in space for quite sometime.

For me, After War could be in the same time stream with U.C. due to the existence of Newtypes in both worlds.

Another consideration should be the landscape of the Earth. Current physical maps should also be consistent with each universes. As war is going on endlessly on each timelines, the damage to the land area should carry over to the next timeline. For example, Sydney Australia should no longer exist on timelines after Universal Century.

While a great percent of world population have become Innovators in 00, should another timeline began after the ending of 00 movie, Innovators should had been carried over to the next timeline. Yes, you may have thought that biological children of Innovators may not mean that they will be Innovators automatically at birth, but to think that true GN drives are used by the whole world at the end of Gundam 00 thus exposing people to GN particles that causes them to turn into Innovators, it doesn’t make sense that another technology similar to Moonlight Butterfly suddenly was developed and destroyed all of the technology, like every timeline will be ended with a Moonlight Butterfly - history repeating itself.

With the phrase “history repeating itself” (which was also mentioned in Endless Waltz), it is historically true as there had been wars since the old times.

In other words, it is possible (although I think that the possibility is low) that technology could technically be erased, start from scratch and begin a new timeline, but there are other factors such as nature and science should co-exist between different universes. With that in mind, I would still believe that some alternate universes (though not all) are not on the same stream of time with Universal Century.

If you want to think of it, SEED wasn’t even Retconned into Turn A untill recently (Litterally it had to be Retconned into it, the retconn may have covered 00), Tomino couldn’t have predicted what would be coming, I mean when Turn A came out the newest thing besides it, Universe wise was After War.

Really like Extend said, you might as well say that Turn A’s Merger is 100% metaphoric. I mean really do we see anything from non Universal Century shows (not factoring in new Turn A stuff like the A the X and the SUMO etc.) no not that I rember, hell the Manga did, but that came later. (Corin had some suit from a Wing Side Manga, and I think there where others…too)

I rember discussing Turn A shortly after I joined, and I rember another member (want to say it was either SFA, GNZ or maybe Zeta-G) and they pretty much just said something to live by (i’m paraphraseing here) “Don’t even worry about it, Turn A is much more enjoyable when you just go though it treating it as more or less it’s own thing.”

Honestly that’s what people need to approch it with you can litterally come up with 1000 diffrent senarios of how things play into it.

I dunno, I kind of like the idea of all of Gundam taking place in a single timeline.

I’ve given a fair bit of thought to the order in which each time period would have to take place for it to make the most sense.

Obviously 00 would be first and Turn A last.

I think Wing would be second, just because it states that it’s time period is right after humans start living in space colonies.

I think SEED next because they have space colonies but not minovsky powered mobile suits.

Next would be the UC shows because they just seem to follow SEED logically.

Next X because it takes place after a war where almost all the colonies have been dropped on the Earth

Next G because it takes place after the Earth has been so ravaged by war that it is little more than a battleground for the space colonies.

As for AGE, I haven’t watched it so I have no idea where it would fit logically in with the other time periods.

Speaking of that retcon about Seed, can you give more details about it, like events or technology that was changed? Was it applied in the remastered anime?

Some timelines are stated to take off from A.D. such as Universal Century, After Colony, and Cosmic Era. It is like the present A.D. timeline branched out to a couple of different timelines (or retained A.D. such as in 00) with their own different science and technologies in parallel. If everything were to flow in a single straight line, and yet different timelines still originated from an A.D. timeline (each with their own technologies), it would be like this (I’m not considering the possible order of timeline in here):


A.D. to U.C.

U.C. to A.W.

Moonlight Butterfly-like technology erased everything

Back to A.D.

Colonization again

A.D. to A.C

A.C. to M.C.

Moonlight Butterfly-like technology erased everything

Back to A.D.

Colonization again

A.D. to C.E.

Moonlight Butterfly-like technology erased everything

Back to A.D.

GN Drives

Moonlight Butterfly erased everything

Some timeline to C.C.

Turn A Gundam events.


I could just think that Turn A is on another alternate universe where C.C. branched out differently from U.C. canon. There could had been another version of timeline in between U.C. and C.C.

I’m not sure that anywhere in the animes that it says specifically that directly before the Universal Century calender or Cosmic Era calender they were using the Anno Domini calender and why they would go back to counting years by AD after already changing to a different system makes no sense whatsoever.

I think there is a tendency to want to have UC happen first because the first Gundam anime was UC but if you ask me that’s a failure of imagination, as well as using the Deus Ex Machina of the Moonlight Butterfly too.

If you want to try to lump all of the Gundam continuities into one timeline then I think you have to accept that the number of years between the events we see in the animes are colossal. That said, you could order them however you wanted to really. Anything could have happened between say G Gundam and Gundam Wing to account for why they are so different, There would be hundreds of years between the two.

I can see that happening. And my iPhone autocorrected tomino’s name.

Honestly, my only source was Gundam Wiki and Gundam Official. I have to say, those are the only best and free detailed information we can get about Gundam timelines, but if somebody could show us another source of information for further explanations, it will be very much appreciated.

As stated there, it was a combination of official and unofficial information about the histories of the timeline.

The episode one of Gundam Unicorn showed the celebration the transition of the calendar from A.D. to U.C.

In C.E., there are historical events specific only to C.E. that was dated back to A.D. such as the Reconstruction War.

I tried revisiting the After Colony timeline. Yes, it wasn’t mentioned that A.C. came from A.D., however I think it was indirectly implied. The timeline itself is self-explanatory. It was after the establishment of the space colonies. It implied that the establishment of space colonies as stable and permanent space stations was a major historical event worthy of changing the timeline. What Gundam series do not have an established and stable space colonies? It’s Turn A Gundam and Gundam 00. However, Turn A Gundam or Gundam 00 couldn’t possibly lead into the After Colony timeline. The only logical timeline that never had space colonies is our present day calendar.

Failure of imagination - that is exactly my point on the continuity from my previous post. It’s impossible to put these timelines in a single stream of time with the consideration that the different timelines were said and/or implied to have taken off from our present day or near future A.D.

ok i have revised myself. I think it went like this. I havent really seen much of UC but I think 00 was indeed first. Then when everyone became innovators it became so normal that people just disregarded it. Then people went out to space to find more land to live on. I think GN drives were already being used but they were hidden so that they wouldn’t be taking extra space. And in MS the drive would be inside rather than showing out from the back like QAN[T]. People who were Newtypes were probably really good innovators. then after people went out to find colonies Seed happened, which caused a great war and more stuff like that. Then after that G gundam took place. Then Domon probably ended the tournaments and then Gundam X took place. Which then caused another war to happen in Gundam Wing. Then finally AGE happened and the Vagans showed up. then newtypes that were able to see the slight future were called X-rounders. I am probably guessing all the really good newtypes became X-rounders like Setsuna, Amuro, Asumu, etc. Then After the Vagan war the world was back to “normal” and that started Turn A.

Gundam 00 movie happened in A.D. 2314. The first year of Universal Century calendar was deduced to be a hundred or more than a hundred years prior to the Gundam 00 movie. Gundam 00 and U.C. timelines are already overlapping each other.

GN Drives are very valuable resource, and by the end of Gundam 00, it has been available to the whole world causing everyone to start turning into Innovators. With such kind of phenomenon, it is very unrealistic for it to be simply disregarded. Imagine this, the popularity and the efficiency of Innovators being able to communicate with each other through quantum brainwaves cannot be simply dropped like, “Oh well, all of the people are now Innovators, let’s start living like normal people again. Let’s stop being an Innovator.” The technology will tend to adjust to the abilites of an Innovator.

For example - smartphone technology. People are starting to shift from classic mobile phones to smartphones, and as smartphone users are increasing, apps are created to utilize the abilities of the device. The time then comes where almost all people have smartphones that it became so common, people started disregarding them. That doesn’t makes sense, because as something becomes so common, we tend to rely on them more.

U.C. taking place before C.E. is not possible. The world geography of C.E. shows the Australia intact. In U.C., even before the One Year War, Australia has a whole in it. That’s the spot where the colony was dropped. Minovski particles (although similar) are different from GN particles.

Suggesting that GN Drives came before everything else, the power crisis in Cosmic Era should not have taken place. Neutron jammers buried deep underground disabling the use of nuclear energy… Why would GN Drives not be available on the future timelines? Why suddenly stop using something so valuable? How can such a very important technology be simply forgotten?

After the Cosmic Era, the Coordinators became extinct and people started discovering super robot technologies applying it to their Gundams. Yes, Coordinators are having problems with regards to their reproductive health. That’s feasible. On the other hand, take note that the colonies in G Gundam are not O’Neil cylinders or Stanford torus designs, but rather a representation of the culture of the sponsor nation. Neo Japan colony looks like the four main islands of Japan. Neo France is like a bouquet of roses. Neo America is a five-point star with replicas of notable American landmarks on the surface. There comes After War where it was clearly shown in the first episode that O’Neil Cylinder type colonies were dropped. What happened to the unconventional G Gundam colonies? Did the people suddenly decide to go back to O’Neil Cylinder colonies? What happened the Gundam Fights every four years? What happened to the motion-controlled Gundams?

I could go on with more questions regarding your proposed theory, but it’s already giving me a headache of trying to comprehend how alternate universes can realistically be connected to each other. I think it’s a mess. Don’t get me wrong. There are no personal attack. In a way, I’m still interested with your response.

Nevertheless, I still believe that other timelines are parallel with each other. Just because the word Gundam and mobile suits were shared among the meta-verse doesn’t mean they are on a single flow of time. There are so much inconsistencies going on between the timelines like the technology, landscape, status of natural resources, human evolutions, etc.