Is Cosmic Era that bad?

When I give something a first glance, I usually give it another before I judge it. Ever since the remastered version of SEED finished, SEED Destiny remastered is on it’s way. Giving Gundam SEED a second glance, I don’t think it’s that bad. The only thing I find wrong with it is the stupid stock footage and Jesus Yamato. How the HELL did he survive that explosion? I mean yeah, the HD version of that fight is way better than the one ten years ago…But…HOW!!!
So I give SEED a 3.5/5 for being something entertaining to watch with an AMAZING sound track…Oh dear god…
SEED Destiny…I watched the first 18 episodes and I got bored of it. It had a great start with Shinn! But something happens…Jesus…
So, I pressed on and watched more. Things were kinda getting interesting now that Kira is the main antagonist of SEED Destiny. I was on the edge of my seat when Shinn defeats Jesus…and HOW THE HELL did Jesus survive that explosion? Athrun becomes a follower to Jesus, Cagalli cries too much and Lacus is probably even a bigger Mary Sue than Jesus.
But is it really that bad? There are a few things that SEED Destiny brought to me that I enjoyed. The Sound Track (Again) Shinn Asuka(He had such a great potential. Just that things Efed up for him.) and the Destiny Gundam. (Which I have no idea why people hate. Really, those Wings of light look more real than the V2’s.)
But what else am I missing? Is the Cosmic Era that bad?

Cosmic Era is awesome. I consider it a modern version of the Universal Century.

Jesus… yes… I thought Gundam was supposed to make sense. Okay, take Kira out of the picture. Take Athrun, Lacus and Cagalli out. We got something good going for us.

Yes it is that bad.

In terms of C.E. I’ll quote (or give a vastly similar statement to his) Wackymodder84’s judgement :

“Seed, Astray and Stargazer can’t make up for the shitballs Destiny throws at C.E”

Seed isn’t bad. I enjoyed it very much, surprised to watch something that was exceeding my anticipations.

The Red Frame is my 2nd favourite Gundam and I’ve already seen Stargazer.

Stargazer was … well, confusing for me. (Too short so to speak)

2 days ago I was watching Seed Destiny when my sister entered my room. She asked me what on earth I was viewing there. I replied : “I’m watching Gundam Seed Destiny”

She wonderingly said what I was watching was not Gundam. As we spoke, Athrun was talking to cagalli, giving her a ring.
She called Athrun a faot. I answered, that I found his mobile suit awesome. She said, since she had labelled Athrun a "faot", his Gundam was pink. (Couldn’t contain my laughter)

Afterwards, Shinn was shown standing in front of a memorial (or was it a grave). She enquired about why that boy (Shinn) was about to cry. I told her what had befallen him and she showed regards.

I like the mobile suit designs but they all heavily rely on UC designs. Plus Archangel is a hell of a ship. As for characters apart from Mu La Flaga and Waltfeld i dont like anyone else. Those two are the only ones who seem to have a notion of what is going on around them.
And yeah pretty much everyone who is in charge is freaking crazy. Follow a war with more war. Millions died so lets go kill more. the only one who actually knew what he was doing was Rau Le Creuset.

Kinda says something when the sanest reasons and plans are made by an insane dying evil clone…

I don’t think it’s that bad. Cosmic Era by itself is actually pretty good, but the presentation of it could have used a bit more work. That’s not to say it wasn’t enjoyable. Personally, I really enjoyed watching SEED and am looking forward to SEED Destiny when it gets remastered. Action scenes are great despite the stock footage and the mecha/ship designs are a pleasure to look at. Like what Shin Starlord said, it does bear fond similarities to Universal Century that gives it a familiar feel (at least to me). Also, despite what I said about presentation, there are some ways that do work well such as the Astray manga and the Stargazer OVA (which I felt was Cosmic Era taken to a more realistic and brutal place).

So views are sorta mixed? It’s a hit or miss.
Destiny went down hill once Shinn somehow defeated Jesus Yamato. Jesus is immortal so he survived the explosion, and more crap happens after that. It felt more like a super robot anime than a real one because of the physics.
So why was Shinn replaced with Kira as the main character? Why is SEED Destiny so popular in Japan?

I thought it was brilliant. Death to Seed Haters. You can’t really moan that the designs are reminiscent of that when it was actually based around the universal century. However I don’t consider that to be true anyway. The gimmicks are the same but in the way they look is quite different.

Oh come on. Zaku Warrior? The Strike without the striker packs? The whole colony destruction/descent to earth thing is an almost direct clone of 0079. what about the Daggers? they are basically the GMs. Archangel is White base. The Rau Le Creuset ships are quite similar to Musai. Sure all the gundams are looking quite differently but thats only because there was only one gundam in 0079.
SEED is using the same basic ideas of 0079 like 00 used basic idea of Wing.

+1 to this.

I was recently watched both series and its not bad. But the killer is how did jesus survive that explosion to me that didn’t really give a good explanation other than some ‘‘seed’’ bs that explosion was a direct hit what about all the heat and gasses he was exposed to. Was his suit that strong . And even if he did somehow surivive he should at least have a defects like missing limbs ,scars, burnt marks. I was up set that they let him lived not that I hate jesus, its just they killed Amuro and Char off why save jesus.

Oh yeah, I didn’t include this into my last submit but :

Here’s the C.E Characters I like :

Lowe Guele (along with the JUNK GUILD)
Rau Le Creuset (they needed 2 Gundams to defeat this one - just illustrates he was the one capable of whipping those kids around)
Mu La Flaga
Yzak Jule
Gai Mukamuro (along with Serpent Tail)
Nicul (wasn’t such a crybaby IMO)

IMO, Seed & Seed Destiny were needlessly violent. Sure, in terms of violence, U.C is also able to be totally violent - however, C.E.'s “butchers” seem not to have any brains.
They just kill.

Speaking of which, WHAT MS is the strongest C.E suit ?
I’d go with Destiny Gundam.

I said designs. I’m perfectly aware that it’s all very similar since it was based on that as I said.

I would have liked Destiny a lot more if Kira was a minor character or antagonist and Athrun and Shinn the main protagonists, with Athrun in a command role along with his old buddies Yzak and Dearka and newer recruits Shinn and Heine.

Destiny, infinite justice and…-annoyed sigh-…Strike Freedom are the strongest of the CE during SEED Destiny.
Destiny: What the perfect Strike would be like if upgraded.
Infinite Justice: A slimmer version of Justice with a cooler and shinier jet pack. This is a good upgrade.
-bashes head in the wall- …Strike Freedom…: Instead of firing about five beams in front of itself, why not have an extra beam rifle and replace the two shoulder cannons with EIGHT fin funnels! Yeah! More beam spamming so we don’t have to animate more close combat scenes! They will love it! No no no, The SF’s only design change was the wings. The mainframe is IDENTICAL with the first Freedom.

That’s so cruel. It’s true though, the part about beam spamming.

The reason why the Strike Freedom is so damn similar to Freedom is so that they can use OLD STOCK FOOTAGE of the Freedom. There are instances when this happened. It’s also cruel and sad…but true.

Which one’s the strongest of those 3 then ?

And why the heck does shinn use long range weapons for close combat ?

Because he is that bad ass. Listen, Kira can beat Athrun, Athrun can defeat Shinn and Shinn can defeat Kira in SEED Destiny. How the hell does that work? I say all three pilots are equal in power with Athrun being the strongest in SEED Mode. He never lost one battle while in it. One does not simple charge at Athrun Zala. I think all three of them are equal in terms of power because all three uses freakin nukes to power them up. It all depends on the skill of the pilot. But hey, the Infinite Justice has Beam shins. You can’t beat that. It can FLASH kick.

V2 wings of light > Destiny Wings of light and no aleast V2 wings of light looked cool weren’t pink and could be used as a offensive or defensive weapon.