Iron Kong

So i’m done. Almost a year later. The model is so big i couldn’t take pictures in my photobooth.

Any questions concerning paint or how i did stuff is in my wip.

Even with a 1k resistor the forehead led is still too bright. Don’t feel like chancing damaging it so it is what it is for now.

Modified rib cage and core block for more access to the core.

Base by itself. I am not 100% happy with it, but it is what it is.

Won first place at Mosquitocon 2014 in the Robot figure category.

Simply put, that is a beautiful Iron Kong. Nothing really fancy or outrageous in terms of presentation, something I think that’s not encouraged enough, but still extremely well-done and thought-out. You deserve that 1st prize win.

One thing I really love about it is how the paint job on the armor looks almost granite-like in appearance in some of the pics.

The amount of detail you put into this thing is simply amazing. The weathering is very nice. You definitely deserved the first place.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. That Kong is simply amazing man! That 1st place award is well deserved man.

Thanks alot guys! I actually originally had the right arm posed up as if he’s swinging at you. I was talking to a guy at the competition and he suggested down. I still put it up, but turns out he was a judge. lol

Turns out while they were judging, the weight of the arm caused it to lean forward, and he saw it in time and caught it from breaking!!! Turned out to be a pretty cool guy, but nevertheless, i’m leaving the arm down from now on. Funny thing was, we were talking shop for a bit after the judging was done. He goes to say goodbye to a few friends then comes back to me, shakes my hand, says “congratulations” then takes off. I pretty much knew i won hehe

So this is the award plaque all about. It’s really well-deserved, man. Congratulations!
Your kit is awesome. I won’t be surprised if you said that armors is made of steel, instead of plastic. It’s so realistic. Really really a masterpiece.

That thing is awesome man. Damn fine work.

This is what modeling is all about. Great detail, and not one thing seems to be out of harmony. The colors, the tone, the textures, everything really ties in quite well. Always great to see a kit like this, really shows people why patience is so important with modeling.

Congratulations on your award, funnily enough saw your Iron Kong featured in Spyder2k2’s youtube video of the event.

Good lawd. Might as well have that thing replace you as Super Moderator.

Thanks for the kind words gents!

@outamyhead: Yea i met him on saturday, seems like a nice guy. Got a free gundam converge figure from him.

Wow, great work. I remember watching Zoids early in the morning when I was a kid, this brings back memories (although I don’t think this unit appeared there)

Never saw the cartoons, read one of the first comic appearances of ZOIDS in a Transformers comic, and I had the Tomy toy versions of Iron Kong (Gore according to Tomy), and Gojulas (Zoidzilla according to Tomy), Iron Kong’s arm broke, but Zoidzilla probably still works, he’s lying dormant in the wardrobe back at my parents place.

I don’t remember the Kong showing up in Zoids Zero Century, but there were a few of them in Zoids Chaotic Century, which is imo THE best zoid show to air!

I still have a bunch of the tomy ones, i’m still mad my mom threw away my Ultrasaurus when i was a kid. That was my favorite when i was a kid.

Is Chaotic Century the one with the Shield Liger/Blade Liger in it? Then this little dinosaur fuses with it’s core or something.
If so that’s the one I watched.

Yea that’s the one. Schwartz had an Iron Kong and there were a few in his unit. They even came out with his version with the badass Gatling gun on the back. I couldn’t wait longer though. I got an offer to paint one of those for a friend, but this thing burnt me out. lmao

Ah, makes me want to rewatch the show to bring back memories. I used to have the Saber Tiger, I remembered that I was very happy that it was shown in the anime, used by the rival/bad guy I think.
I also had a Rev Raptor, damn thing won’t walk, hahaha.
Feel sorry for your Ultrasaurus. That was one of my childhood dream kits, never got one.