Iron-Blooded Orphans: What happened?

What is the story with MSG Iron-Blooded Orphans? Did it succeed, barely pass or totally flop? A friend of mine got the DVD boxed set and we watched a few episodes (viewing the series for the first time), and we were NOT impressed. Am I right in assuming that IBO is just another Gundam story that was ordered by Bandai to sell more Gundam kits?
My opinion, based on only the few episodes i’ve seen, is that there is MUCH BETTER stuff out there (place your favorite MSG series here).
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Don’t take this the wrong way but I have to ask, did you watch the entire series?

Iron-Blooded Orphans, unfortunately but not unlike the others, was a sad story.

You can probably skip some episodes, but to get the feel of the whole series, you most definitely should watch some of the first few episodes, somewhere near the end of first season till some of the first few episodes of second season, and definitely some episodes near the end of second season. That is if you wish to finish the series. If you do not wish to, then you are welcome to stop anywhere you wish.

Did not really liked it at first, but by the end of first season, found it fairly okay, not really liking the second season too much though, but still watched it for the sake of finishing the series.

My friend Robert bought the series on a Saturday afternoon, and only bought it because he is buying EVERYTHING Gundam, and he had never even heard of Orphans till I told him about it. We had only one hour or so to watch two episodes before I had to go home, so admittedly my/our opinion(s) of the show are probably not a fair assessment of it. I do want to watch all of it some time, just not as eagerly as before. James Staley Jones, ok. Anime fan 4ever.

IBO was a totally new take on the premise of Gundam. The story in my opinion was rather unique, and it hit at a few tropes as well. A particular scene when a group of elite soldiers made their “entrance” comes to mind.

But overall I loved the two seasons we got of IBO. It was much darker and grittier than most. And I enjoyed that about it.

I honestly wouldn’t mind if they made a sequel to IBO, or did a prequel based on the Calamity War.

I wouldn’t want a sequel to IBO as the eponymous Orphans’ story was done, whether people liked how it ended or not.

I wouldn’t be opposed to more stories set in that world though as I did enjoy Gekko.

It was a very epic story and sad too. The characters are set in a very brutal and gritty world and the gundams are not as hyper advanced as a lot of the other shows. Overall I really enjoyed the series as a whole and the kits and gundam designs are really unique.

It kinda reminded me of the ms 08 squad series where the suits don’t really have some over the top magic gimmick and the world is more grounded and gritty.

I made it all the way to episode 7 before I gave up on it. Sorry, but it just wasn’t holding my interest. Nothing about it grabbed me in any way. We’ve seen it ALL before, and seen in done better (in my opinion). As a fan of all things HEAVILY ARMORED(!), the Barbatos Gundam looked totally weak, skinny and anorexic to me. It reminded me of Steve Rodgers BEFORE he became Captain America (“Somebody get that kid a sandwich”). Give me the Full-Armored ZZ (FAZZ) any day of the week!

My final rating: on a scale of 1-10, I give it a 5. I don’t think it’s bad and I don’t hate it, and it is not a completely horrible waste of time. If you watch it and love it, OKay. But give me 08th MS Team, ZZ, Stardust Memory or Unicorn any day of the week.

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