Iron Blooded Orphans Gunpla

Hey Guys, I’m currently working on a couple Gunpla projects but I’ve kinda gotten stuck at what to do with my 1/100MG Barbatos, I was originally thinking of recreating a scene where it fought with the Mobile Armor, but unfortunately Hashmal is only available in 1/144 so far.

Does anyone know if the Mobile Suits used in S02 Episode 1 Ending / S02 Episode 2 Start are available as Gunpla, as I haven’t found anything.

Cheers for the help.

Not sure about those episodes, but on they have 9 non-Barbatos 1/100 scale suits

I can think of a diorama with Gusion or Graze since they are available in 1/100 scale

the only one i could think of with those 2 is Aston’s death. Otherwise nothing.

It doesnt have to be with another mecha, it can stand on its own. this builder nailed it. I wish I was this good

Yeah i saw that one, its some good work if you don’t count the out of context scene that was used since the only Snow Scene was Mikazuki vs Carta Issue, and that was Barbatos 6th Form not Lupus. and was using the saw blade not the sword.

However, the weathering and paint is quite insane. As well as the ground work and sliding marks.

I’m trying to see which models I can maybe mesh together to get the first scene of Episode 2 Season 2 where Barbatos stops moving after crushing a mobile suit, but ill have to do some scratch parts to replicate that Machine since its somewhat of a custom shiden