Ipman 4: The finale

Any Ipman fans here? I bring the newest trailer to introduce. :joy:

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I enjoyed the first three movies. Though I’m skeptical of how good this movie will be when 3 ended the trilogy so well. Kinda feels like a cash grab if I’m being honest.


I like the whole Donny’s Ipman movie, there are other ipman movie that I dislike it’s because isn’t produced from Donnie Yen.

About Ipman4, is the story apart of the canon?

I am very excited for this I didn’t even know this was being filmed. I love the Ip Man series.

Donnie Yen and Tony Jaa have both got to be my all time favorite martial artists.

Ip Man 4 is probably not canon.

In fact, 2 and 3 were probably not canon too. There are some truth to those movies, but probably should be considered as “inspired” by true events.

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Eh, on that basis none of the films would be considered “canon” as even the first film was extremely loosely based on Ip Man’s life.

Honestly it doesn’t bother me either way as long as the films are honest that they’re not 1:1.

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2 & 3 are canon, Ipman said that he did fought twister in his past and saved the school. I think Donnie purposely add more content just for the movie, although some storyline isn’t part of canon.

That was just it, some parts were not canon, so personally do not regard them as canon. But personal opinions only.

I only know that two story in ipman 3 isn’t canon, such as that his son was kidnapped and Max Zhang await to challenge Donnie in night event.

Is there “spoiler” tag like it used to?

Anyway, parts of 2 were not canon as it has to do with Ipman’s wife and son. Sorry, not going to spoil more for those that might not have chance to watch the movies yet.

Did you watched the Ipman’s side story Master Z? I had no idea about that chapter is canon or not.

Did not watch that. Supposedly, the story was about the guy that fought Ip Man in Ip Man 3. The character could have been a made up one just to have a fight. If so, that does not make it canon, personally anyway.

Yeah, even Master Z and his son coexist character.