Iphone help

I need some help from you tech gurus. On a lot of websites there are banner adds and some of them can detect whether or not you are using an apple device. And if they do the redirect you to your app store. You dont click on them or anything. Page loads BOOM your app store opens up. Some times its so bad you cant just close the app store then go back to what you were doing. Sometimes as soon as you go back to Safari it does it again. And the only thing you can do is close the app store again then double tap the home button close safari then deal with all the data you just lost. This is making me crazy. I got so mad at my phone i had to go outside and blow through a whole box of 30-06 just so i didnt trow my phone. Please someone tell me how to fix this.

You could try something like Ad-Blocker (though I don’t know whether or not it’s iPhone compatible).

It wont hurt to try. Thanks brother. Although i gotta wait till i can go to the sprint store because damn apple cant remember my info. Any of it. They even try to tell me my E Mail is wrong. I hate apple so much. This will be the last apple anything i every own. And i only have this because it was free. Because i was due for an upgrade.

So is there no way that keeps me from haveing to down load something. I dont mean to sound weird but i dont trust all those apps. Can i not somehow disable the app store and tell it “DONT OPEN TILL I TELL YOU TOO”? I really hate apple. Their so damn money grubbing. And still somehow thing their better than everyone else. And i hate how this damn thing tries to read my mind. I wish i could just tell it to stop doing anything untill I tell it too.

I have my iPhone set up so that it requires me to input my Apple ID before it downloads or purchases anything. As for the pop-ups, it does it to me as well. But not very often.

Yea same here it cant down load anything but the pop ups are getting really bad.

It’s the websites that are redirecting you, not the iPhone. They’re reading that you are on a mobile device and are trying to get you to use their dedicated apps. Android and Windows phones will do the same behavior (assuming there are also native apps available for those devices from the websites that you’re trying to access). Most websites will let you view them in your mobile browser if you know where to look. For the ones that won’t, either install their app (assuming you trust them) or install a browser that let’s you change your user string to something else; this will make the website think you are using a different browser (say Safari or Firefox for Mac), and should make it work normally (assuming the desktop version of the site isn’t reliant on Adobe Crash, I mean Flash).

In all honesty, Apple does a pretty good job keeping your data away from app developers (unless you expressly authorize it) and keeping riffraff out of the App Store, so as long as you’re not downloading apps from random, unknown Chinese and Russian developers, you should be safe. The App Store is a walled garden, not the Wild West.

On on the other hand, if you foolishly jailbroke your iPhone, your security problems are your own doing, since jailbreaking destroys a lot of Apple’s built-in protections.

No the ones for websites show up as a pop up. They arent the problem. Its the banner ads. They are the ones redirecting me to the app store. And i didnt jail break my phone. The one that are most commonly redirecting me to the app store are things like candy crush and stupid stuff like that.

Those are ads. Still the fault of the websites. Try enabling the block pop ups and open links in background settings. Those should help with the redirects. If that doesn’t work, try an alternate browser that let’s you change the user string: they probably won’t try to sell you Candy crush for iOS if they think you’re on their site with a desktop browser.

Ive give. Up trying to solve that problem. When i upgrade phones im gonna keep this one. And shoot it with EVERY firearm i have. And does anyone know how to drag and drop files onto an Iphone 4 like a flash drive. They are just pics. I hooked my iphone up to my computer which somehow has not crashed. Its really old not its fault. And the i tried to drag and drop but i just got the little X. I really hate everything about this phone. And i dont have Itunes. I didnt have this phone when this computer worked.