Introduction and one of my completed gunpla

Hi, I’m new here. I built a couple gunpla back in the late ‘90s or early 2000sbut switched my interests back to model airplanes shortly after, and when I left home for college, dropped building models altogether. Fast forward, and with the world in quarantine, old hobbies got picked back up. I’ve built 10 or 11 kits now, but I’d still consider myself a novice. I’ve found that I enjoy RG kits most, but I also actually love the super cheap HG kits. At about $10-$15 each, it’s not a big deal to hack them up, glue a bunch of stuff to them, or test out painting and weathering techniques.

I have an affinity for the Aile Strike Gundam, so when I found the Dagger Kai kit with the Aile pack, I liked the coloration and bought it straight away. Overall, I was kind of disappointed in the kit’s details and articulation, so I took it as an opportunity to test some scratch-building ideas and see if I could improve the look. I added some armor panels and details to the chest, shoulders and torso, extended the side-skirt armor and fashioned control thrusters, and I built out a lot of control surfaces on the Aile pack including adding a mounting point for the shield. Oh, yeah - and I put the Sinanju Stein shield on the arm, just because… This is the current result:


Nice looking MS! :+1:t4: And I’m right there with you; the shutdown reignited my interest in kit building as well.

Good looking kit! Welcome to the forum!