Impulse's Un/Finished Models

Had a little bit of problem at first sanding/filing down the pieces but thanks to you guys got most of it looking ok for my first one in years. Wanted to put it together for a bit and pose it lol. Planning on putting on some of the decals and finish some of the panel lines. Gotta redo the face tho…messed up big on that one lol

Sorry for the bad lighting it was late night.

Looks really good for your 1st kit getting back into the hobby. There are a few lingering nubs here and there, but over all a really nice clean build. What did you mess up on in the face? I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Yes … Yes!

This looks nice!

Looks like you’re starting to suffer the impatience that comes from building a kit, haha.

Good job so far and I’m not really seeing what’s wrong with the face.

Thanks guys. Yea, I plan on going back to take care of those nubs, just gotta set some time aside. And the decal for the eyes is crooked and the I over did it with the panel lines on the face so it looks like he’s wearing war paint lol :smiley:

Haha, a little war paint never hurt anyone. And I hear ya on the stickers. Eye stickers were always the most annoying for me to get perfect.

Yea man. So damn difficult to get it right. Cause if you don’t they become cyclops lol

Yea. I was trying to take my time even set the day aside just to build it but every time I do something comes up :mad:

He’s here!! I can’t wait till I get outta work and start building him.

And I’ve been watching Unicorn. And man I’m hooked. I think I got my next model. But that might later on in the year though.

Congratulations. I think that Epyon deserves to be in anyone’s collection. Be wary of the dry transfers!

Thanks you sir. I’m glad he’s in mine. Noob question here, but what’s dry transfer? Lol

Dry transfers are decals that are placed onto a model by means of friction. You cut off the decal, and place it where you want it with the clear film still attached. 99.9% of the time you’ll have to tape it in place. Now you’ll have to rub the decal itself with a coin (or something hard) to create friction. This will cause the decal to come off the clear paper and adhere to the model. Be aware, with a proper top coat they are very easily removed, as they basically just flake off.

And the ones for the Epyon can be somewhat difficult to apply thanks to the angles and sharp corners of the design. They do make the kit look smashing, though.

Just the beginning of this build. I got a couple days off from work so hopefully I’ll be able to finish him before the weekend.

Watch out for the front skirts. They had a habit of popping off on mine when I was posing the kit.

I remember building this kit. I can’t wait to get a 2nd one. Samuel decal on Facebook has some water slides.

I feel like EW kits do this. My Deathscythe does this too.

Another one?

Yeah, I want to get a 2nd one so I can paint it. I’m going to display the one I have now in Dragon mode. And the painted one in MS Mode.

Just a couple pieces I’ve completed. I’m much more please with the way the face is turning our with the marker, even with my unsteady hands.

Looking nice so far. What did you use for the torso clear piece? Marker or sticker?