Im zaku boy!! Im zaku!!

Hey gunpla neerds ive been building gundams for a while but im new to painting them. I welcome any constructive criticism. I have been watching a lot of tutorials on youtube but i just cant seem to replicate the results. i have a fairly respectable size collection. and im kina rambling here but what im trying to say here oh so awkwardly is that im glad to be a part of this forum and if any one can help my miserable ass id be very appreciative. Literature is not my strong suit so ima STFU now. see ya.

Well I suppose I’ll be the 1st and welcome you to the forums. I’m sure someone here can help you out with your painting issue.

Thanks man. are u a U.C. fan as well?

Welcome to the Forums friend.

I am yes. I have a lot of U.C. kits and plan on getting a few more here in awhile.

Hello mate and welcome to the Gundam Forums.

Congratulations on getting “Zaku” and not “XxZakuNarutoLover133769xX” or something like that.

This comment really made me laugh out loud. i was hoping i was the first to be Zaku and i got lucky. im a big U.C. fan i have a Zeon emblem tattoo, my ball python is named Zaku my call sign on X Box is disGRUNTled Zaku. you might even say im obsessed but i hope not.

oh i wouldnt say that…-_-…Zaku, Zaku.

Oh wow i thought this got deleted. Hahahah. I have a Zeon emblem tattooed on my shoulder i think im passed the point of no return mate. (Sad how it took me two years to reply to this lol)