I'm speechless!

So I have been absent from the forum for quite some time now. My goal about 8 months ago was to try and broaden my anime resume. Well I have watched a few of them and I found an anime I wish I had watched back in 1998 when my friend told me I absolutely had to watch it! Evangelion! Wow! OK I know this anime is over hyped but seriously it was refreshing for a mech anime. If you even want to call it one! The ending did upset me quite a bit. Not because it sucked, rather it just seemed so abrupt. So confused I set out to watch The End of Evangelion. It was a twisted, bizarre, yet beautiful ending! I am not going to sit here and try to act pompus and say that I understood everything after watching it, however I felt at ease. The series is truly great and my favorite right now. I have a long list of 70 series to watch ranging from comedy to psychological. I am saddened that it has taken me years to find my love of anime. It is what helps me to escape the daily grind. Anyways I should have a WIP thread started by the end of the week. I am getting the movie versions of the 3 main Eva’s! Wooooooo! Oh… I want to delve more into evangelion. Anyone have a place for accurate info on meanings symbolism etc… I’m starting the movies but I just feel like I want more.

Suggestions for mech anime.
Total Eclipse.
Valvrave The Liberator.
Majestic Prince.
Infinite Stratos.

And if you like saturday morning cartoon plotted anime, Sacred Seven is for you.

These are one of my recent favorites in mech anime.

Evangelion rubs me in the wrong way due to it’s ending. When something is too confusing for me, I can’t enjoy it.

Some good non-mech anime are Perfect Blue, Princess Mononoke, Full Metal Panic (this is a mech anime), Black Lagoon, and Tiger and Bunny.

I didn’t like it at first because of the ending also, but the rest of it is really good

Try rebuild of Evangellion, its a VAST improvement fellas you wont be disappointed lol.

Escaflowne is another mecha anime id recommend but that’s just me :stuck_out_tongue:

another is Blue Gender along with Gun X Sword and Code Geass. and Heroic Age (not exactly a mecha anime since theyre not used by the main protagonist but still cool all the way lol) and Fafner (what can I say it was cool IMO)

I’m currently watching Dragonar.
It’s similar to Gundam but for some reason, it’s theme is much brighter/less sullen than Gundam’s.

Try watching that.

You need to watch Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z Hen. It’s a retelling of a classic story, everyone should watch this, especially mech fans.

Code Geass is great for Gundam 00 fans. The mech realism is well done.

Lastly, Macross, it’s a must.

Good choice with the 3 Rebuild films. You won’t be disappointed. In fact if you havn’t watched the original Eva, I’d tell you to skip that completely and just watch Rebuild.

You ever see Afro Samurai?

I don’t see it mentioned much but I loved it, violent.

Oh and Samuel L. Jackson. (Yeah that one) Not a Mecha anime obviously. It’s pretty short too, there’s also a Movie that was pretty good.

Have you seen Another? It’s a kind of horror anime with some kind of psychological thriller.

U want to watch Guren Laggan. No really you want to.

I hate Eva.

Go for Blue Gender, and, if you can find them nowadays, Dunbine & Votoms. Those are all fun mecha shows.
And by fun, I mean bleak and depressing.

Wow sorry I have not responded to anyone! Been busy! The TV ending to evangelion left me just feeling used! BUT The End of Evangelion movie made me appreciate the series. I have almost all the anime recommended in my list to watch! Lol! Thanks for reassuring me that I won’t waste my time… I am gonna have to watch Blue Gender I think. Just curious what is it about Evangelion that makes people dislike it! I must say I would never say it is the best but it is a great story!

I only have to say the following about Evangelion, How Disgusting. Admittedly, I haven’t seen the new movies, but after watching all the other crap, and I feel it is that, I have no desire to go back into it.

I am one of the people that dislikes it, because the whole thing by the end of the series, and the end of evangelion makes you feel like you were just robbed of the money you spent on the dvds. It starts out good enough, but by the end of it, it feels thrown together, and there is no resolution to anything. In the series, everyone dies, but suddenly, their all at band camp. End of Evangelion, everyone vanishes but Shinji, and Asaka, and the movie ends with, How Disgusting.

Is this referring to what Shinji had done earlier in the movie, or what? It’s really annoying, but not surprising, since it is openly admitted about EVA, that a lot of it, has no meaning what so ever. This has been said by the creation staff, and many others over the years, and most if not all the “meanings” that have been assigned to things over the years can be directly pointed back to the fans. Heck NERV doesn’t stand for anything, just a name they thought sounded cool.

So all in all, EVA to me, is like pokemon, something they put out in bits and pieces for paydays. It has no real meaning, but they hope to keep people hooked on it forever, since it will never have a clear cut conclusion.

One more good one, Exosquad, its american mech animation but the story was solid but dark (very WWII like). It didn’t seem so dark when I was a kid but rewatching it as a adult aloud me to apperciate the plot more

I never got into Eva, I don’t think its bad but I never thought it was good. I like most of it but I never really got what the hype was

Hideaki Anno’s depression. He f***ed up a good story because he wanted other people to feel his depression as well.
He’s like the spiritual successor of Tomino, when Tomino wrote the Ideon films.
It’s like he tried to put depression into an art form.

EoE had strange symbolic messages.
Not to say NGE (The series) wasn’t bad at first. The 10-15 episodes were fantastic with the mecha animation.
It was made in the mid-90s, needless to say that was outstanding design for anime created at that time.
I’ll also say for a tv series, it had a good budget, something like a movie budget.

EoE left people confused. I think fans of the series were expecting something good!
Like the Angels being destroyed and SEALE being put in their place.

It’s the future now, and Hideaki Anno is no longer depressed, and I must say the Rebuild films are looking great.
1.11 was nothing really special. Pretty much the original series with some cosmetic changes.

When I saw the begining of 2.22, I really became a fan of Evangelion again.
The artistic message he tried to send was understood finally fleshed out. (Not the one with the depression)

The Rebuild story is good. If anyone hates it, that’s up to them, but I’m certain the story isn’t going anywhere near EoE.
Just to note, Rebuild does not use footage from NGE, it’s an entirely new thing.

To answer your question simply: People dislike Evangelion as a whole because NGE and EoE pretty much killed it for them. They don’t want to see another story with Shinji and Asuka. It would be like rewriting Gundam.

Not to mention, people hate Shinji for being a loser. (Yes, the fact that his father made him that way is completely overlooked due to GAR issues in the mecha community.)

Please do not compare Anno to Tomino. Tomino actually has real talent and is original, unlike Anno. Yeah I said it. Get over it Gainax fanboys.

I wasn’t comparing, it was just a fact that Anno literally based EoE off Tomino’s Ideon. The ending, anyway.

i know he ripped it off. It’s why I put the “original” part in.