I'm among fellow fans here.

I’ve been a Gundam fan since I was 6 and have loved it ever since. Funny thing is the first series I ever watched was AW Gundam X.

Btw, anybody have any thoughts on the Unicorn OVA 6?

I like the name! X is a good place to start, hopefully it didn’t raise the bar too high for other Gundam shows you watched after it :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to the site its pretty cool,

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forums.

How come you managed to watch it in the age of six? Are you japanese or had somebody taught you how to speak japanese xD ?

Coming to analyse it, you do have to be japanese, for I don’t think X with subs had been published. Or you have to be young, yet I doubt that, expecting Gundam fans not to be younger than 15.

welcome to the forums! look forward to seeing some of your work!

Enjoy your stay Leviathan. So many new members! lol

My dad just happened to be Japanese and even though I couldn’t understand most of what they were saying, he helped me translate. So I kind of got the basic flow.:slight_smile: As for age, I just turned 18.

Oh yeah, anybody have a favorite character(s) and suit? Any timeline. It would be so hard not to guess mine.

Welcome to the Forums! like the name and hope you enjoy your stay :smiley:

I’m gonna go ahead and guess the Kshatriya? One of my favorite characters is Dearka Elsman. I have plenty of favorite suits. I love the GN-X from 00 and this guy from Turn A. mahq.net/mecha/gundam/turn-a/mrc-u11d.ht Some of my favorite Gundams are the Aegis and Exia. Any favorite Gundam suits?

lol he got that swag lol. And of Course i got to go with Tallgeese II to me its so bad ass

Ok, I admit that Trieze has swag, but it’s old man swag that has had time to be perfected. Dearka has that “in development swag” like a lot of teenagers and young adults.

lol he was on 24 but i guess in gundam he was old …for young swag i’ll go with kio from gundam age. Hes getting swag isnt he like one of the youngest pilots ever

lol he was on 24 but i guess in gundam he was old …for young swag i’ll go with kio from gundam age. Hes getting swag, isnt he like one of the youngest pilots ever

Lol I’m just joking around for the most part. I think using the word “swag” is hilarious.

swag it just sounds funny lol

Exactly. There is no better word.

Good stuff Nice to meet yuo. my favorite Gundam for the time being is Aile Strike and Freedom. But i have others as well. Unicorn is becoming a favorite of mine as well.

I like the Ribbons Almark Custom/Reborn Cannon, Banshee, Unicorn, F-91, Wing Zero Custom, D-Hell(regular), Gundam Nataku Custom, for some reason I liked the ZZ never knew why. As for fav char, yeah obviously it’s Marida Cruz. She’s not a Mary Sue and a strong female support.

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