I'm 35 I tell you!

Hello everyone! I am Zeonista, longtime Gundam fan and tireless supporter of the liberation of Spacenoids and the lifting of the burden of Earth’s gravity for all humans! :smiley: I have been on MAHQ for a long time, and I still am there. however, there is always time to make some new friends, or re-discover some old one among Gundam enthusiasts here as well.

Welcome to the forums. We’re a bit looser here than on mechatalk. We like favorites threads and the discussion/debate they stir up, among other differences.


Howdy friend!

Welcome to the forum. Like Zeta-G said we’re a bit laid back here. But everyone is great and easy to get along with.

Welcome to the boards!

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the boards, sir!

Thanks to all responders for the kind & warm welcome. :slight_smile:

Hi, you’ll like it here:)