If you were in Build Fighters, what would you pilot.

Figured this would be a fun topic, and god knows that with the rash of inactivity due to the hacker, we need something to pass the time.

So what would your custom suit be? Dosen’t even have to be build fighters can be some overly customzied MS you’d pilot if an MS war broke out and you had the resources. (Feel free to post more than one idea)

Mine would be this:


Gelgoog Jaeger Full Assault

Basically a Gelgoog with custom one off Armor attacked to it, two of the FA-78-2’s Beam Cannons Over it’s Shoulders the FA-78-1B’s Beam Guns on both arms, a Sazabi Style Beam scater Gun it’s Chest, the Sazabi’s Beam Shotrifle, the Char Aznable Custom Rick Dom’s Beam bazooka, and a Gelgoog two sided beam saber. Of course it has an Armor Purge System and aload of extra thrusteres on and off of the Armor.

My Custom RX-78-NT1X ONX Gundam. Nuff Said :stuck_out_tongue:

Comes with its Reaver beam rifle and the Alex Shield. Has the GM III’s Beam sabers and my custom Beam Long Sword stored in the Shield, hand carried in use. It can also carry an assortment of weapons. However I haven’t built them yet :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s so simple!

GN-001/AS (Azra’il Sefer) Exia

1X GN Drive (true)
4X Beam Saber
2X GN Long Sword
2X Shield Blades Bits
1X GN Proto Buster Sword
1X GN Sefer Kai
2X Shield Blast Bits

The shields have bit sensors built in, plus if you’ll notice the GN blades just above the handle and the shields front horn sort of line up so the shields would have another set of GN long blades built into the shields as well. The GN Sefer was given a full upgrade, the “proto-bits” are not prototypes, in fact they would provide 2 more shield bits along with enhance GN beams. As well as enhanced particle control/boost/speed. The GN Sefer is more like, a GN Sefer Kai.

This is an awesome topic. I would pilot a custom Crossbone Gundam with an eye patch named the X13. The feet would have beam blades pop out Blue Frame style, to allow for deadlier kicks (primarily roundhouse, front kick, and axe kick), and the hands would have Wolverine-type beam claws that come out of the hand guards. Instead of just four thrusters, it would have six in order to get up closer to the enemy.

I’d go with a MP suit. Something with great customization to show uniqueness.

Build Strike’s a wonderful example of that.

This is something I came up some months ago when I was still playing NEXT+ on the PSP. Sadly, it’s something I may never create in actual model kit form due to how much time it will take, but I digress so here is the formula:

Destiny Gundam (using the Metal Build aesthetics) + V2 Gundam’s back thrusters replacing the Destiny’s WoL + Epyon’s Beam Sword replacing the Destiny’s Anti-Ship Sword + Beam Machinegun from the X-Divider replacing the Destiny’s standard rifle.

I call it the “Dominus”. I love the MB Destiny’s looks, but dislike how big the WoL are so they’re replaced with something that can be just as edgy and still provide good mobility while not taking up much space. The Epyon’s big-ass Beam Sword is easily a less obtrusive alternative to the Anti-Ship Sword and has the versatility of still being a normal beam sword. The X-Divider’s Beam Machinegun is a killer that I think fits an edgy killing machine like this one much better than the standard rifle, hence my choice.

Overall philosophy behind this custom is streamlining the Destiny with equally effective equipment that takes up less space, which means a smaller target profile.

I’d be piloting a customized Sinanju Stein. Detailed how I want my kit to look and able to be equipped with multiple types of armaments.

I have drawn an outline before of an original Gundam that I have designed years since I was in high school.

I don’t have the materials anymore, and that kinda sucks. Anyway, my design was heavily inspired by the Ultimate Armor of Megaman X and VR Temjin of Virtua On.

It was originally in the dark blue color scheme of the Ultimate Armor, but I have decided to make it generally white, with black and red sub colors.

The weapon is similar to the sword rifle of VR Temjin.

If I have so much time in my hands, I’m gonna draw it again.

^ Hmmm, that sounds pretty interesting. I happen to be a fan of the Temjin’s design and it’s nice to see someone not limiting themselves to just Gundam stuff, haha.

If you’d ask me, Temjin’s body looks Gundamish to me. That could be an easy inspiration for a Gundam design. In my opinion, Temjin’s sword rifle inspired 00 Gundam especially the GN Sword II.

Slightly off topic:
I fancy the White Knight the most. It feels more matured than his white and blue color scheme. Besides, the white-blue combo is very common especially in Gundam universe.

A flag of course, real men pilot flags. On a real note, I would chose to pilot a custom Aegis Gundam.

If it’s not much of a hassle, I’d like a slow-mo demo of the transformation of Aegis! LOL

I’ve actually started drawing up plans for one I would pilot. Model Number GW-9800V, Gundam Airmaster Varia. Varia means “to diversify” in Latin, and the Airmaster Varia exemplifies this with it’s assorted array of weaponry for any situation.

Modification 1: two Hyper Beam Sabers (acquired from the HGUC ZZ Gundam) to add close-quarters-combat capabilities to the Airmaster while at the same time acting as beam cannons when stored on the back (beam cannons can be used in both MS and Fighter mode).

Modification 2: The addition of a shield. I’ve noticed in clips that while in Fighter Mode, the underbelly where the generator is located is completely exposed to enemy fire. The addition of a shield (particularly an Anti-Beam Coating shield from the HGUC Zeta Gundam) would help protect this vital are while in Fighter Mode and increase its defense while in MS mode.

Modification 3: Micro missile launchers added in the nosecone (kind of like how the Delta Plus has missiles in its shield).

Modification 4: Its signature weapons… the Varia Rifles. These are a pair of custom beam rifles that can combine length-wise (like Strike Freedom) to form a long-range beam sniper rifle, or combine side-by-side (like Wing Zero) to form a wide-range dual barrel beam shotgun.

The add-ons that you made for the Airmaster turned this unit to a more versatile suit. I like the additional beam sabers. I like the original Airmaster and the Airmaster Burst from the show, but what bothers me is the lack of melee weapons. If the suit’s ammunition runs dry, you’d be a sitting duck. I’d say you did a good job on this unit.

I’d probably go for a black infinite justice outfitted with its usual payload, plus a pair of shotguns.

Beam shotguns or physical ones like the Kampher? This is important!

Anyways I have another one.

MSZ-008R ZII Reaver

A ZII (fix Figuration styled) painted crimson (same shade as the Red Zeta) armed with dual beam pistols similar to the ones from the Testament Gundam, and the Mega Rifle as well slung on it’s back. The Pistols can form beam saber blades as well, and it’s skirt is modified to hold needle missles similar to the GN Missles used with the Dynames. Extra thrusters on the legs and backpack, designed for quick close combat, and rapid fire pistol action, using MA form to bum rush people.

Kampfer’s. Got to have something to get past those annoying I fields. :wink:

Another Idea I just came up with, kind of simple.

RGM-79QS Stark Quel

A GM Quel with the Stark Jegan back back and armaments, missle pods and all the extra armor. GM Quel’s paint remains intact. Maybe give it the Hazel Reserve unit’s head. (Basically a Gundam Head) for added effect.

Also a Customized Gaia Would be nice, add some Gatling Guns that are useable in both forms, as well as a big ass rail gun also useable in both forms. (In the Humanoid form as a Rifle, and a cannon on the BuCUE like form) painted pale grey, with dull yellow optics.

This, but in my own Custom Colors of Black and Green along with 2 Beam Sabers, The Beam Rifle from the RX-79G Ground Combat Gundam, and the Beam Bazooka from both Anavel Gatos and Char’s Custom Rick Doms

I’ll try to expand on my custom Stein.

MSN-06SD Stein Dreadnought Gundam.

Based on the Sinanju Stein but modified and outfitted Gundam Style. Embedded Psycho Frame technology and use of the NTD system.

Upgraded maneuverability all round with the addition of upgraded fuel tanks. Armaments can vary based on environment and enemy suits. But standard weapons are the Hi-Beam Rifle, and an upgraded Armed Armor DE.

The Hi-Beam Rifle has been upgraded with a custom system that I like to call the M.T.L.S. Which stands for Multiple Target Lock-On System. It basically can lock-on to multiple targets at one time and fire a multitude of shots at an extremely high rate to dispatch the targeted enemies at the same time.

The upgraded Armed Armor DE’s I-Field generator can withstand varied range of beam attacks. But notably it can withstand the blast of the Stein’s Atomic Bazooka. Stolen and rebuilt, a last ditch weapon for when sh*t hits the fan.

This is what my Gundam will be, and I plan on making this with my Stein project.