If you could save a character, but another would die in their place, who would it be?

So the idea here is you can save one character from any Gundam show/manga from dying, but another character will have to die in their place. Also to make thing interesting, you can’t choose the character that killed them. Also no characters that are already dead or die later in the story.

For me I would save Marida Cruz from Gundam Unicorn. All I want is for Marida to live a happy life with the others and she did not deserve to die at the hands of that jerk Riddhe! In her place, I think that one girl who was super depressed and crushing on the main character should die instead. She really had no reason to be there, I think her name was Micott Bartsch?

So who would you save and choose to die in their place?

Seed Destiny.
Save - Heine Westenfluss
Die - Shinn

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save Marida. Kill riddie. The newtype energy shield thing at the end still works, and riddie’s father still feels like shit for almost shooting his son either way.


Off the top of my head:

Save - Four
Kill - Fa

Save - Lockon the 1st
Kill - Felt

Save - Bernie
Kill - Chris


I’d have had Marida Cruz survive and Riddhe Marcenas die in her place.


Hm…from the Seed universe I say kill Dearka & save Heinn.

Dearka having a death by noble sacrifice after what he learned & experienced from Miriallia would’ve been very impactful to characters like her, Yzak & Athrun. Even Kira I think could get something out of it given how many times they’d fought & was now helping his crew out in the final battle. Maybe even make Dearka’s death be the motivating factor behind Yzak defecting in the first place. Also bringing him back in Destiny & giving him absolutely nothing to do was pointless. The show just said that he got dumped by Miriallia & that’s it. Man was unnecessary, so why even bother?

Heine sticking around would’ve been an interesting personality to have around the ZAFT crew. He seems to be on even footing with Athrun but nicer to Shinn, atleast that’s what I took away from his very little screen time. Someone who was more mature & confident in his abilities & cause while still being dogmatically loyal to Durandal would’ve been cool to see clash against Rey, who’s close to Durandal for more personal reasons. Not to mention that the cast on the ZAFT side would feel a bit larger & more diverse. Most of the redcoats were characters that kept their troubles to themselves, either out of trauma or doubt in their current objectives. But Heine seemed to have neither of those issues. I think he’d shake up the status quo of the Minerva crew for the better & I wish we could’ve seen him interact more with the others.

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