If You Could Pilot Any Gundam, What Would It Be?

Uses Psycommu Jammers

Now it’s just a basic Gundam MUHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I changed my mind about which Gundam I would want. Although Freedom is my fav, 00 Qant is more useful. Instant Teleportation will mean I am never late for anything ever again, and if it can communicate with Aliens, I am sure that it could translate all Earth languages for me, which means I can finally ask out that cute Russian chick from my local grocery store.

Comander Char got u there. Lol

I can still fight. Let’s not forget the other weapons the Nu Gundam has. 90mm Vulcans capable of shredding armor, a custom beam rifle with an increased rate of fire, the v-Hyper Bazooka which is capable of blowing an MS away in one shot, the shield with built in missiles and beam cannon, one standard beam saber, and one custom large beam saber.

Okay then, I use Turn A and moonlight Butterfly killing all of the tech arround.

Well… s#!t. To be fair, Turn A is a bit of a game breaker.

A bit is an understatement. It has 27000kw output for normal operation and an I field beam drive system which makes it more agile than anything else.

A 27 Mega Watts (1,000 Kilo watts = 1 Mega Watt) power output?! That’s outrageous!

Yup. Comparing it to Nu gundams 2980kw its a monster. Its beam rifle probably is an equivalent of mega particle cannon.

Touche. I second this.

If we’re playing that game, I change mine to the Devil Gundam!

Moonlight butterfly can suck on my Self-Evolution, Self-Replication, and Self-Regeneration. Then when it isn’t looking I can infect the suit and it’s pilot with my DG Cells making them both my slaves.

Too much trouble russian women. At least most of them.

Kat What R U talking about?

Id love to pilot a ball …lol jk id choose the tallgeese 2. Thats my favorite ms i like its power speed, and weapons. I think its perfect… plus looking bad ass is always a plus

Damn! Forgot about the Dark Gundam! Being part of a god… and of course destroying humanity.

Most of the ones i have known expect way too much and if they see a better prospect(read more money or some kind of other life perks) they would dump whoever they have been with. Or It just my personal grumbling and general grudge against the women I have known. Some deserve it, some probably dont. I generally dont trust women as far as I can throw a gundam.

Really? Not Tallgeese III?

He’s talking about Natasha Zabigov.

3. I really dnt like the desighn. Ifelt that i like 1 and 2’s desighn. The only thing about the 3 is the mega cannon. Id love to put it on the two

DG cells are tech Exia, I kill tech and have self repairing Nanomachines to combat the DG cells not sure if they can stave them off long enough to deep six all tech.