If You Could Pilot Any Gundam, What Would It Be?

I’d like to take the Destiny Gundam out for a spin, but then again there’s always the Wing Zero so I can clear my head… or go crazy.

Freedom, because its my favorite mobile suit. Nuff said.

I would choose the Epyon. It’s such an awesome suit. It would be cool to experience the transformation to dragon mode while inside the cockpit.

Gundam Mk. II or Zeta Gundam.

But now that you bring it up, Destiny, original Freedom, and Infinite Justice.

Either the Freedom, or the Stein. Would be hard to choose.

I’d go with Exia repair… or maybe a grunt suit like the Zaku Warrior

Delta Plus and the Impulse. The former looks comfy and being able to transform into a faster mode means it will be good travel. Impulse would be perfect for any conflicts since I can adapt it to fit any condition.

Zaku II, or Jegan. Or Gelgoog, or GN-X. Ah the choices.

Guys, the thread is “Any Gundam”, and some suits mentioned aren’t Gundams lol

Deathscythe Hell TV Version
All GP Suits
Victory Gundam
X Divider
Turn A Gundam

Ok ok if you want to stick so close to the word. Then either the original Gundam RX-78 or Gundam MK2.

For me it would have to be the Zeta Gundam, the Double Zeta Gundam (or its precursor the Proto ZZ Gundam), the Nu Gundam, or the Hi-Nu Gundam.

The Zeta or one of it’s Varients, most specifcally the Red Zeta.

Damn so many to choose. Well If it were to boil down to it id have to say the NT-1 Alex…For obvious reasons :stuck_out_tongue:

Easy. GN-001 Exia, doesn’t matter the version. Normal, Avalanche, RI, RII, RIII. Any works for me.

Zaku F2, Gelgoog Marine, Neue Zile, or wing Zero custom. Ooh or a Zaku I sniper ooh or the GP-02A or the sinanju or the gouf custom hellz yea gouf custom lol oh so many good choices

Im waching 0079 and id really love to rip the RX-78-2 apart lol

Oh, don’t you dare…

Oh id be all over it. Id use the Neue Zile mmm kentucky fryed feddie

Don’t underestimate Nu Gundam!