If you could change one thing in Gundam what would it be?

How bout a protagonist that is actually the char clone of the AU? Like he or she is the villain but the entire story focuses on the char clone? Would that work out?

I don’t see why not. If anything, that’s the most obvious choice to go with in terms of changing things around.

no more pilots falling in love with the enemy like Kamille and Shinn
the only one who did it right was Shiro

Agreed on that. Apart from Shiro no one has pulled it off.

One thing I would change? How about 2. More Zudah’s and Kampfers. Mwuahahaha

No aliens, no giant space flowers, no big robots that are CALLED gundams with big mustaches and butterfly wings that are god modded to hell. Not plot armored dicks who could enter a space battle with a jetpack and a butter knife and still come out victorious. I’M LOOKING AT YOU, KIRA YAMAMTO! Have the “bad guys” win for once. To hell with the feddies! No stupid movies where the gundams are redesigned just to sell more crap. No more whiny teen boys. (Which I’ll still take over a cross dresser, looking at you again, Turn A) That’s all for now I guess.

Laura Rolla ftw.

But on Turn A there, you have to admit that the mustache kind of made it a mystery in the long run, since it’s the aftermath of the Black History.

Yea Turn A was a big turn off for me at first, but then it grew on me and now its one of my top gundam designs, that mustache is awesome!

There is a post around this forum somewhere that explained why Loran is so uniquely designed, i’ll post a link later for your viewing pleasure

Bad guys win: 0083, 0080

Gundams will always be redesigned for model sales, it is the truth of the franchise, however it would be nice if they kept the list limited to alterations in other media such as Manga or Video Games instead of retconing the entire TV series, talking to you endless waltz

To summerize why Loran looks like that, Tomino wanted a Girl lead, Bandai said no, so Tomino stuck him in a dress, not the first time Tomino screwed with them lol.

Yeah Tomino has quite a streak of screwing with Bandai.

I’m not sure if it got fleshed out in Gundam: The Origin, but I’d like to see an AU of Mobile Suit Gundam that represents Tomino’s original vision of what MSG was supposed to be, ala the full 50 episodes. All the MSV mobile suits that were going to appear like Gundam G-3, Char’s custom Dom, the Galbaldy Alpha. Maybe have alot of the videogame/manga characters like the Midnight Fenrir Team, Johnny Ridden, and others have cameos or even long lasting roles. Call me crazy, but seeing Char and Amuro actually duke it out unlike the end of CCA would be cool. It would also be interesting to see Sayla reclaim her birthright as a Deikun and rise up to lead Zeon.

Maybe if Amuro were to die in that anime, have Christina Mackenzie from 0080 become the main character. I figure if she’s good enough to get selected to be the pilot for the Alex then she’s gotta have some kind of special skills, even as an Oldtype. She just didn’t get enough character development in WITP me thinks.

Would also like to see a sequel done to the Zeta Movie Trilogy with Kamille in the Neo Zeon conflict, I think that’d be bad ass and much better than Gundam ZZ ever was. Seeing Char actually stay in line with how he was shaping up in Zeta to me would be a far better ending to his story than going nuts and pretty much pulling a Zabi move in CCA even if it was for the right reasons in his own mind.