If you could change one thing in Gundam what would it be?

Just curious what you guys think. I’m not sure yet about myself.

Hmmm, more diverse main characters. I have no problems with young teenage males, but don’t have them so darn often. There are possibilities out there that will work just as well, if not better, haha.

Deaths. I’d reduce the damned ammount of deaths.

Char and Amuro not becoming dust in the end of CCA. That might actually ruin it all, but it would be nice to see their future exploits.

The alternate universes being apart of the UC. This might also not be so good. It would be exciting though. Just one Gundam universe.

hmm I dont even know. But I would love a series like 08th MS team but full 50 episodes. About normal soldiers fighting the war not just about the stars.

Less heavy-handed peace messages.

The 00 movie is unbearable because it has the most heavy-handed and overblown “PEACE IS THE ANSWER” message I’ve ever seen.

i agree. the whole dialogues to come was just so forced. When a giant alien thing is trying to eat you you do not stop to talk it out of it. You run away and/or shoot it.

No you see, it’s only through GN UNDERSTANDING that Setsuna can get the aliens to stop attacking and form a space flower.


As far as the Gundam franchise I would want more Gundam stuff in Americea. Like have gundam games on xbox and other gundam stuff like movies at stores cuz I get tired of ordering stuff on the internet. I think it would be easier to just buy it from a store. I would want more diverse characters and no more characters like jesus yamato or loran cehack

We need a female lead character for once. I was expecting an AGE movie where Kio has a daughter that would be like Judeu. Nah, never gonna happen.

I think a female lead character would be interesting. And certainly a nice change of pace.

This is why I made Mimiri a Girl in MSG XD. It would be much more interesting! But I think there is a good reason why a female main character won’t come to be in Gundam. I mean after 30 years, they have yet to make one.

No more human evolution. Just pure skill.

Funny you say that because it brings up another desired aspect: no more messages of peace or love. It’s been done already and while there’s nothing really wrong with it, I think it’s time to present something more practical. Why not have Gundam simply tell a story rather than preach a certain message?

Perhaps something dark like the first season of 00?
What I like about 00 is how real the world felt. I see it as a possible future for earth as we are already struggling with our fossil fuel consumptions. Of course the entire world would be against each other to get energy!
I guess I would like another SU like that. If there is a message that a new Gundam series should preach about, war isn’t a video game. something that should had been talked about more in Kio’s generation.
There is no such thing as good and evil in war. In any case, SEED had two protagonists on a different side of the war. Instead of making Atrhun the Deutragonist, they should had made him the second protagonist that was just as important as Jesus. However, instead of being friends, the two don’t interject that much during war…wait…Now I think I am getting somewhere. I am shelving this idea and elaborate it a little bit more later.

take this, my agreement, my consent and all of my approval!

Yep! Supa Pirato! More pilots like Asemu and Garrod are needed.

I think at least in the beginning I didn’t mind new types much because there was a purpose and a point behind it and not everyone and there grandmother was either a CN or just a new type so that the main character could be challenged, if it was so rare for there to be newtype’s and it would take humanity hundreds if not thousand’s of year’s to evolve as char say’s in Zeta than why are there so many newtype’s on the battlefield.

anyway I’d have to agree I’d love to see a UC protagonist without power’s just skill.

Yeah, a more realistic message would be refreshing. If Bandai/Sunrise is too afraid to let something out that’s completely different, then make it an OVA spanning several episodes while you have more normal series running concurrent. I’m all for having fun with big robots, but at the same time, it’s not a bad thing to show that big robots can be serious business and it’s just a short step away from being a weapon of mass destruction. Without anything supernatural or overly sci-fi influencing it, haha.

Conrad Hughes.

I haven’t read much of the manga so I didn’t know of that XDD thank you :smiley: