Identifying 1/100 Pilot Figures

Hey guys! I’m planning to a bunch of unwanted gundam pilots to paint, problem is the guy i’m buying from doesn’t know who or what kit they came from and i’m not familiar with most of them either.
Can someone help me in identifying them and/or what kits they’re from? The guy said they’re mostly from UC kits but i’m not too familiar with either the UC kits or pilots

Some that I have guessed but not totally sure are:

2 Athrun Zala
13 Mu La Flaga
18 Yzak Jule
19 Char
20 Kira Yamato

Gundam Pilots

Do you need help with identifying all of them?

I know all of them except for 5 or 6 of them which given enough time I can figure it out.

yes i do, if you can help me out, that would be totally appreciated since i can’t exactly paint them accurately if i don’t have a reference

Okay this will take a little while.

1 Quattra gundam sandbrook
2 athrun zala
3 Lockon stratos gundam dynames
4 Kira Yamoto
8 Gaia (black tri star)
9 generic neo zeon pilot (geara dogs kit)
10 mg Banshee?
11 Ortega (black tri star)
12 lady Haman ( Ramba Ral’s GF)
13 Mu La Flaga
14 Ramba Ral (gouf)
15 Amuro Ray (RX 78-2 gundam
18 Yzak Jule
19 Char
20 Kira Yamato
21 mash (black tri star)

I need a little time to figure out the rest

One thing to note, the older kit figures didn’t come with the bases, so that’s a general direction to start. Now when did they start basing them, idk…
Those random Figures are going to be difficult. Was thinking Zeta figures since multiple pilots swapped suits especially in ZZ.

#7 Buster Gundam
#17 Blitz Gundam
#16 MK II Titans (?)

awesome, thanks guys! the others are probably generic pilot figures