I wanna heal, I wanna feel like I'm close to something real... (Master Grade RX-78GP01FB)

What you’re looking at is an old Master Grade.

It was made when the Master Grade line was in its early stages, and was more about gimmicks than articulation or accuracy.
Literally, all the details you see were added myself through Gundam Markers (Yes I bought some) and Citadel paint. The GP01 and its brother, the GP02A, are some of the finest Gundams ever designed, courtesy of Shoji Kawamori. It’s criminal that Bandai are too busy with making an overpriced Kira Jesus Yamato suit from the one main show I refuse to watch instead of updating these designs with a 2.0. However, the kit is pretty good for its time, and is still an acceptable way of getting the GP01FB today (though the High Grades are just better).
This kit is also notable for being a favourite of… Linkin Park? Yes! The rock band (particularly lead vocalists Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda) were known for being fans of the main Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, and this kit, alongside a Master Grade Sazabi and a 1/100 HG Wing Zero EW, actually got briefly featured in the video for their song “Somewhere I Belong”. So if you’re a fan of Linkin Park’s music, or you just want to be a Man of Destiny with a different route for your means of fulfilling it, this Master Grade is recommended, mainly as a tool to test your paint abilities/markers. But know that this is pre-Wing Zero EW at its core.

Side note, did you know that LP released a limited edition Thousand sun’s CD that included a special edition GP01FB?

They must’ve REALLY loved the GP01 design in general.

I wasn’t sure that’s why I mentioned it, your right they must’ve loved the design. I’m with you I really want to see a 2.0 or atleast a 1.5 version with new joints (like the dom got) of the 0083 and 08th ms suits. It be cool to see a gelgoog marine based on the 2.0 gelgoog as well.

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