I think I just ruined my kit and I all I can do is to rebuy it

Hello I’m newbie Gunpla buildier. Unfortunalty, I ruined backside of legs of my GM Ground Type C. I tried to sand away excess plastic after removing seam lines with Tamiya cement but I overdone it and made tiny holes in a plastic. Tried to fix it with more cement but I made it even worse and legs are now deformed. I tried to look for replacement parts but I live in Europe so its cheaper, easier and quicker to just buy the same kit twice and start over.

Have you guys ever had similar experience when you saw no hope of fixing your mistakes and had to buy same kit two times?

I once disintegrated 3 parts on my MG 00 Raiser. Had to get replacement parts. Are you planning on painting the kit? If so, you might be able to repair it using Two part epoxy putty.

Unfortunalty, I dont plan to paint yet :confused.
I was thinking about the putty but the part that I damaged needs nore than just some hole filling I’m afraid.
I not only made holes but also sanded the part so much It actually misshapen, both legs now look way different from one a other.

You might still be able to fix it, if you post som pictures of said parts we might be able to give you some suggestions.

Tried to take photos but damage just doesn’t show up on camera like it would if you were to look at the pieces with just your eyes.

I already ordered second kit and I repurpose this one for spare parts if I need any.

Yeah that’d be rough to repair. If you were painting the kit, I’d say it’d make for a good opportunity for battle damage.

Yeah I guess I can only learn tough way. Oh well its a learning opportunity for me.2hfi1z

You could fix it if you were painting the kit. it might be something to consider in the future depending on how far you want to go in the hobby.

Don’t worry about it, everyone makes mistakes. Even those with years of experience.

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Well I will keep the broken kit for spare parts for my new GM.
At least I will have peace of mind knowing I have replacement if I break something again. :slight_smile: