I started watching AGE

I’m about 8 episodes into AGE right now and so far I’m liking it. I’m keeping a open mind because I heard its aimed at a young crowd Mech design is nice although Titan Gundam isn’t doing much for me. It seems like this is a series that I shouldn’t look to deep into it and have fun with it.

Well I watched the first part and I thought it was pretty good. I don’t really get everyones complaints about the series, does it go down hill in the 2nd or 3rd part because the first part was pretty good I think

It’s the third part everyone has an issue with. The second part is by far the best part of AGE. Asemu!

Yeah the second part is the best, even the first one is good but the third part with a much younger protagonist is just a bit too preachy. I think they dwell too much on the personal and not enough on the global.

Once you’re done with AGE, make sure that you watch Memory of Eden. It was awesome!

Thanks Lacus, I’ll check into it

I’m half way through and I don’t see where this was aimed at children, the subject matter is still mature, maybe I was expecting something like SD or the first half of ZZ. The only think that lets on is the character design, everyone looks really young or really old.

I like the main characters too, they appear well thought out and they give enough back story to justify their speeches, on that topic their speeches aren’t “slam you in the face repeatedly” like some series (I’m looking at you Wing and SEED).

Have you watched the Kio arc? Kio c***slaps everyone with a speech about getting along as often as he can.

I haven’t made it to the final arc yet, but I hear he is almost as bad as Kira minus the hipocracy. I hope it isn’t that bad because I think Kira is the worst gundam protaganist, that stupid beam spamming, impossibly suriving the most certain death, holy than thou, “please stop killing everyone” while he kills everyone else, condesending speech giving, SOB!!! Damn now I’m mad

I hate Kira so much I want him to stub his toe, get a incurable infection that kills him slowly, then on his death bed I want Shinn to squat over his dying face and tea bag him while yelling on “replace me as the hero now!” untill Kira painfully passes into the 3rd layer of hell.