I only like this type of Gundam Series

Ok so I’m sure I’m not the only one but I’m wondering if anyone else feels the same way when it comes to The Gundam Series out there and which ones are just great.

I’ll try and get to the point but first a little about me and Gundam. It was probably 1999. I was 9 years old. My neighbor showed me Gundam. Gundam wing was on tv at the Time and was all I really knew other than seeing endless waltz at friends house. So I’m a 90s kid. Now that that’s out of the way…

I really really like Military Ground War types of Gundams Mobile suits and Zaku types. Battles in space is fine and all but I do NOT like the Insane Newer Gundams that have angel freaking wings and technology that’s Passed sci Fi. I do not see the appeal
I love Zakus. Especially the Ground types. Great examples are the One year war Zakus. Desert types. Jungle types etc. And I love the Mobile suits that Fight along the ground. Usually yeah they get jacked up really bad but it’s the Realistic military type of Suits and Models that I like to watch.

So I’m guessing around the middle of the series or more towards the early series but not super zaku early.
MS 08 was great. Thing is. I’m not a super hardcore Fan other than Zaku Types. So I can’t even recall all the series qnd stuff. I just wanted to try and explain it the best I could. Military ESQ Gundam Or mobile suit on Zaku Warfare. Ground preferably. Tanks artillery and all.
It’s the best kind unnamed (1)


I like just about anything Gundam. There are a few that I would only watch once to say that I’ve watched it. But mostly, I love it all. That being said. Series’ like 0083, the 08th MS Team, and War in the Pocket are by far my favorite. Mostly cause they are more relatable and have a more serious tone to them.

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Can’t you still fit a lot of UC into that definition? The original show isn’t full of winged suits and magical girls (only a little).
The mechs also get better over time, you see the technology progress; where once it was a bad prototype, it now works faster, stronger, better.
Even Unicorn is like that until the very end. I appreciate how the mechs are from different generations, and when they fight, they feel as if they have weight.

I feel mecha anime in general is often a blend of your two definitions into some dichotomy anyway. You can have the realistic mech, but they have to add something new and different.