I need some tips on how to cub nubs off with a hobby knife

I get the general idea, slicing of little by little until flush. My issue is that to get so close to cut accurately my blade could easily slip and jab my fingers. Does anyone have a technique that could save my hands? I havent had any accidents yet and I want to keep it that way.

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You can put tape or a bandaid on your thumb to protect it.

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Only technique I can provide is to do the parts by difficulty. De-nub smaller parts first and take your time with them, then the rest will be easier by comparison.

I wear two bandaids per hand, thumb and forefinger. on my last build I upped that to two bandaids per thumb and forefinger after my hobby knife skipped and buried itself in the bandaid…if I had not had that bandaid on, I’d have had a hobby knife buried between the flesh and nail of my left thumb.

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You don’t have to use a hobby knife. Some people use a box cutter. Or use a scraping tool.

You could even try cutting as close as possible (with cutters) and sanding/filing whatever is left.

There are people that use rotary tools to sand down the nubs or excess glue from the seams. They do commission works too, so maybe they have gotten used to do that to get more done faster, but it might be something to consider if you are not comfortable using the knife. Though power tools definitely can ruin the parts in mere seconds…

I actually discovered that super glue on my thumbs in a thin layer stops the knife enough.

I use something like these when I’m carving, so maybe it should serve your purpose as well…maybe…???

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