I need a used Anvil.

Hey guys does anyone know where i can find a good used anvil. The only places i can find is like e-bay. But i dont trust them. They might try to sell me a cheap cast iron anvil and call it a steel or wrought iron anvil. Im still a rookie. But i have learned a few thing like how to hit the anvil with a hammer and listen for the ringing. Ive been using my neighbors equipment because he is the one teaching me. But im building my own forge. And im getting my hands on a hammer and tongs. Then i want to make myself some more hammers tongs and punches. I learned how to make a bottle opener that looks like a wizards head. And my neighbor made all the tools to make it with. Id like to try to make a punch like he has. For the eyes. But anyway. The anvil is going to be the most expensive part. And im having trouble. Ill use a piece of railroad track for now. But i want more flat surface area. And more mass. The railroad tie bounces when you strike it. Also id like to find a proper bellows. My neighbor has a nice one but he got lucky finding one. And one day id like to make an automatic hammer. And yea he has one. Its bad ass and he made it. Also does anyone know how much trouble you would get in for taking railroad spikes. The track has a sign that says its out of service. And it has been for a long tome. There are trees growing in the middle of the track.

Answering your question about the railroad spikes, yes can take them if the rail line is out of service. I do not know where could find an anvil. You could try Acme Inc. or a blacksmith.

Ok i was wondering about that. Thanks. Im not so sure how happy they would be with be if i were caught sawing up their old train tracks. But its just a damn shame to have all that steel just siting there when i could be making something out of it. It seems like the cost of shipping an anvil too me would suck. I my neighbor has a few anvils but he needs them. I wish i knew more blacksmiths.

Ill ask wile coyote if he has one he can spare. Lol

Ah-ha!! This guy gets it.

Lol i asked him and he said yes but id have to scrape the road runner off first lol.

Am i the only blacksmith on here?

Probably. The only metal working I do occasionally is welding.

MIG, TIG, stick or all the above? I can MIG and stick weld all day long but ive only tried TIG once. My neighbor had a TIG welder he is going to let me borrow so i can practice. And yea i figured i might be the only one. It was a shot in the dark. But oh well it doesn’t hurt to ask.

TIG, Electric Arc, and Oxy-acetylene welding.

I forgot about brazing. Ive done that before as well its so easy. If i remember correct you only need the brazing flux for when you re welding something or welding something to a different type of metal right? And can you TIG weld thin aluminum? That shit is a bit frustrating. I did learn a neat trick though. if you take a scrap piece of copper and bend it at a ninety then vice grip it below where you are welding it will act as a heat sink. And you can weld hotter to get good penetration and move faster so you are not keeping the heat in the same place.

I was checking into a anvil for myself also a little while back and the ones they sell at harbor freight are very popular for beginers and cheap are to boot. They are cast iron but most people weld a piece of AR500 steal to the top. It will support you for a while till you get good and find a bigger and better anvil

I can’t do aluminum TIG (I didn’t get that far in my class) nor can I do Stainless Steel. Still, if you’ve got some cold rolled steel I can weld it. Though it’s been a while since I last welded something, I might be a little rusty (pun intended).

Ive hear nothing but bad about cast iron anvils. Ive even seen a few that had the horn broken off. Ill defiantly look into it. But im not afraid of investing in higher quality tools.

Lol. Ive played with it a bit but man sharpening your carbide to a tiny tiny tip helps keep the arc from going every where.

While were on the subject has anyone considered making their own english wheel? Id like the option to shape sheet metal and an english wheel looks like the way to go. Id just be doing it for fun so it would have to be cheap. But it doesn’t look hard to make.

Harbor freight has the 15Lb anvil on sale for 20 bucks. Thats very tempting. Would sure beat this old piece of rail road track. Hmmm it is cast iron though. I really wish i could find a higher quality anvil thats used.

I really don’t trust anything made by Harbor Freight. I’m not going to go into, but lets just say I had a bad experience.

I was honestly thinking that myself. Harbor Freight is almost cringe worthy. Sometime you will find something in their store they didnt make. But most of the time its still crap. Just with a different name.

Like said thier cheap but if you look them up on blacksmith forums they suggest welding a hardened steel plate like a piece of ar500