I miss the NG/HG 1/100 kits

I’m disappointed Bandai seemed to have abandoned this line after 00, just when the quality of these kits were near-MG, outside of the inner frame, without the MG prices, and of MS that often wouldn’t get the MG treatment for years if at all. I could never stand the 1/144 size and lack of detail and use of stickers to make up for the lack of proper color moulding. I loved the 00 kits like the Astraea and Kyrios, and the later SEED kits like the Amatsu Gold Frame and Akatsuki. The Akatsuki is probably one of my most favorite kits out of everything, and one of a handful of non-MG kits that I can’t see being made much better as an MG kit. At the time it was released, it had close to the same flexibility as the MG Strike, and it’s striker pack compatible. Anyways, I wish Bandai would give the line a shot in the arm and release some new kits for it.

Yea wouldn’t be bad bud sadly Bandai has no need since their MG’s sell like Hotcakes and having another option for a 1/100 at a lower expense doesn’t necessarily make them plenty coin.

Sad cause I love how the Astraea looked

I think you’re one of the few people who wish that, unfortunately. With the Master Grade line being so big, Bandai releasing 1/100 NG kits would most likely cause an uproar among fans who want MG’s of their favorite mobile suits, not lower quality NG’s.

Yeah, I’d rather spend a little extra and get the better quality, possibility, detail, and the ability to stand in the MG line.

Id have to agree. If they made a HG 1/100 Zaku FZ. And then said “because we made a HG 1/100 of it we will never make a MG Zaku FZ.” ID probably buy a plane ticket to japan figure out where the Bandai HQ is and just start killing people. As many as i can. Btw Bandai where is my MG Zaku FZ?

I’m glad the NG 1/100 line is dead. MGs have been coming out quicker ever since they were discontinued.

Oh and i almost forgot the (SUPER EVIL LAUGH)