I might have gotten a bootleg?

So I recently bought a mg Gundam Epyon from Amazon and the box doesn’t seem quite right

I’m a little worried I may have gotten a bootleg kit. So if I did, what should I do? Should I look into returning it or something?

Since I don’t see the bandai logo on the corner of the box or instruction manual that’s definitely a bootleg. Who was the seller? How much was it? Do you have a link for the item?

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It was on Amazon from some Chinese/Japanese seller that turned out to be a scammer.

I got if for about $48 and normally their like $100 on Amazon so I thought it was a sale. It’s not available at that price anymore so I can’t post a link.

At the moment I’m working on returning it. Hopefully I can find a real MG Epyon for a decent price.

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I would definitely return it and report the seller to Amazon. Bootleg kits can be very temperamental and fragile.

Unfortunately the best you can do at this point is pre order it and wait for it to become available again.

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Yea that’s def a bootleg, box art and manual are dead give aways. :frowning:

Unfortunately, you did get a bootleg. As far as known, Bandai never used Chinese characters as name on the kit box, even the ones just for China region.

Good thing is, Amazon’s return policy pretty much guarantee that you can return it for refund, and should not have any issue to get full refund. You definitely should attempt to return it within the proper procedure. If not, you can always contact Amazon customer service for help.

As for the official Bandai version, you can definitely try to get it from, say, USAGundamStore or probably other hobby store or site. USAGundamStore currently listed as backordered and probably will have it in stock sometime in August, the same should be true for other stores and/or sites. Unless you are in a hurry, otherwise, you should try to wait for the restock.

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Okay so I wasn’t able to return it. But Amazon is going get me a full refund. Hopefully I can get a real one soon.

So what should I do with the bootleg now? Should I try building it or something? Also it came with a stand and water slide decals

Anyone now if these might be safe to use? I could really use some advice now that I’m stuck with this thing.

Do not really like Amazon for various reason, but they do make getting refund from situation such as yours fairly easy and almost without trouble.

In any case, even though it was bootleg, you can still try to build it if you wish. Most likely the bootlegs were produced with mold made from the Bandai kits or produced similar enough mold for their own kits, the plastic quality might not be that great for the bootlegs and there might be some assembly issue that you will probably have to overcome, but other than that, bootleg kits still plastic kits. So what you want to do will be up to you. You can even sell it if you wish.

The water slide decal might be the better item of all. Though still, its your now, so you do however you want with it.


Yeah I think I might try to build it, maybe customize it into something else.

The question now is should I do it before or after I get the actual mg Epyon? :thinking:

Maybe make some battle damaged parts out of it, or use it as a test bed.

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You should build. You can use it to practice modeling techniques.

Well, if the bootleg one was a fairly direct copy of the Bandai, then you can build it as a practice, and like @Rxslinger said, practice.

Even though you did not really end up with the bootleg one by choice, you can still build it along the Bandai one to have both robot and mobile armor modes in 1 display. Though that do depend on how well the bootleg one held up so you can decide which mode to have it in. You can also do the battle damaged, like @CaptainxChar said. Maybe converted it to Epyon TV version if you wish. Use it as paint practice kit. Do an alternative color version. Use it as kitbash. There is actually bunch of things you can do with it, just let your imagination run wild.

However, it will still come back to how well it can held up. If it cannot held up very well on its own, you might be looking at maybe an Epyon statue…

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Well I went ahead and built it. It was pretty finicky and I had to glue a lot to get it to stay together. Here’s how it turned out.

I’m not going to try transforming it, since it started breaking just trying to get it to hold the weapons. In terms of bootleg limitations, the chest can’t move and the wings can’t fold in. The heat rod is alright and can do a bit of posing. Still I really hope I can get a real one soon.

Oh well, what you all think? Any suggestions what I can do with it? Besides use it as a stature?

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For a bootleg kit it looks pretty decent.


Without direct comparison, it is hard to tell whether they got everything correct or not. However, by quick glance, you cannot really tell that it was a bootleg one. So they must have done an almost direct copy from the Bandai version.

In any case, you can use it however you want. Diorama, paint testing, battle damaged, scribing testing, gapless testing, or kitbash it into something else.

Would personally transform it into mobile armor and have the Bandai one as robot mode, but you already mentioned that things seemed to be breaking and that you having to glue bunch of parts meaning it might not be feasible to do such transformation anymore.


My personal experience with bootleg kits have been very sour. I would have returned it or attempted to get a refund.


Blue said that they couldn’t return it and amazon is going to give a refund. So its kinda a win win.


With Amazon 3rd party sellers, they have to
A. have to have a US address for returns and issue refund
B. Seller provide shipping for return and issue refund
or C. Let buyer keep item and issue refund.

likely OP got a refund.

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Well, he was getting or already gotten the refund from Amazon and already built the kit…

Now he was asking what can he do wish the built kit…

Should I compliment whatever the manufacturer is for this pirated product? The pirate technology has definitely improved remarkably over the years. When I was a student, I deliberately bought one of these kits to save money. That is a huge mistake. It was a 1/100 Providence Gundam. Not only the plugs do not fit in the holes (It is a disaster to trim the plugs), most parts also need to be glued to prevent the assemble parts from falling apart. In most cases, you are just better off to remove all the plugs, align the two parts together and glue them. The best part? The whole kit is in grey colour.

OP, think the bright side. At least you have the water decal (hopefully it works). The genuine Bandai Epypon comes with dry transfer decal, that is you have to transfer the decal by rubbing it against the part surface by a cotton swab. Unlike water decals, there is no second chance if you mess up applying the dry transfer decals. That requires a lot of attention since you have to remove the translucent base sheet little by little to check if the entire decal is transfered. It is much more challenging with it comes to curved surface, such as the leg of Epyon.

I don’t mean to bring sarcasm but if you don’t tell me about its background, it is hard to distinguish it from a genuine one from a distance. The statue does exceed my expectation on a pirated product.