I’m kind of new at this and have some questions

First question, What’s the best eraser for cleaning up messy panel lining? I was using a white plastic eraser but it’s leaving a nasty residue behind.
Second question, what top coat should be used glossy or matte?

First off, what product are you using for panel lining?

Second are you panel lining the bare plastic?

When panel lining a kit you should first spray the kit with a gloss clear coat. The gloss coat will help the panel lining fluid distribute easier in the panel and it makes clean up much easier because a gloss clear creates a smooth sure on the model kit. A gloss coat also helps when applying decals.

After panel lining you can seal the panel lining with which ever top coat you like. I prefer a matt finish.

Keep in mind the process for building a model is


I’m using a gray gundam marker to panel line currently and I was coating bare plastic.

Do you have a suggestion for a gloss and matte product?

I I remember correctly if you use a panel line marker you can use an eraser to clean up the excess ink when its still wet. You can also use rubbing alcohol. If I can find my pen I’ll test it to be sure.

As for gloss and matte coat I have an airbrush, so I have more options available. you can use Tamyia clear coats in a aerosol can if your local hobby store carries them. Some people even us regular hardware store paints like Duplicolor or krylon clears. Personally for spray can I prefer MR.COLOR top coats especially their UV protection top coat. Unfortunately you will need to buy MR.COLOR top coat from an online store because very few hobby shops carry it.

Thanks for all the info

Your welcome. We have a very helpful community here.

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