I got 2nd place (First Runner Up) for Open Category in the recent G40BC (Gunpla 40th Builders Contest), an official worldwide/nationwide Gunpla contest from Bandai

The name of this build piece is called “The Beckoning”

The prizes are actually just an acrylic transparent case with the black base, a heavy glass trophy, and a assembled Silver color coated (plated?) Mega Size RX-78.

In case if anyone thinks that I’m lying about my status :sweat_smile:, you may check it here at this official website: https://g40bc.bandainamcoasia.com/my/winner/

Will post images and videos of this build soon, thank you for tuning in.



Congrats on the victory! Does this mean you head on out to Japan for the GBWC?

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Hello @Zeta_II thank you ,

This is not GBWC, as GBWC was officially offed since last year for the most obvious reason, so they changed the name to this “G40BC”

I only got 2nd place in my country (usually its only the ones that got 1st place will be able to go to Japan), but even for the other guy who got the first place this time, still not able to go Japan anyways, for the most obvious of reasons, again “thanks” to the virus

Aww, that bites. Still, runner-up in open competition is very good. I bet if you keep refining your skills, and build something next year that really “wows” the judges, you’ll land first-place.

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Hopefully if that day ever comes :grin:

will post videos and photos of the build soon, thanks

Congrats!!! That’s some incredible work!

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thank you @thwalker13 :slight_smile: :grinning:

That’s awesome!

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@KALLAHAN thanks :blush: yes indeed it felt so

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Very festive color scheme

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how does one transport something like that, even if they were going to travel?
How do people transport gunpla at all?

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Very carefully.

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@heathorn thank you

yeah most importantly I wish everyone the best of luck in whatever future endeavors they come across, as this piece is built based on the “lucky cat” concept :blush:

Hi @TheKumatei

Yes as @Zeta_II mentioned,

For me, even before starting a model kit building, I need to make sure the final build is as modulated as possible… meaning, easy to assemble/disassemble (including the diorama), then put them carefully in a box/case, and pray that the parts can still be assembled when you need to again :sweat_smile: :joy:

this is a video that i made to commemorate, please have a look here and let me know what do you think :smiley: thanks

@Zeta_II @thwalker13 @KALLAHAN @heathorn @TheKumatei