I finally finished painting my SD Cleopatra Qubeley!

So after nearly a month of very hard work, I have final completed my SD Cleopatra Qubeley custom paint job. Converting the dark mask version into the regular good version.

This was one of my first times completely repainting a kit and I’m fairly proud. She may not be perfect, but this was the best I could do with what I got and I’m so happy to finally have her!

So how did I do? Please be gentle but honest, this was my first big custom paint job of a gunpla :slight_smile:


Some of your edges could be a little cleaner/sharper, but overall, not too shabby!

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It’s nice to that yiu finally finished it. It looks good.

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Not bad. Was waiting for a while before posting the information, somehow it turned into weeks…

But anyway, they will be releasing the white Cleopatra sometime in the summer. It seemed to be a kit limited to certain channel though.


Link to the pictures borrowed from the source…

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Oh, well that makes my heart sink a little………

Oh well at least it looks cool. Not sure if I should consider getting it?

Also what do you mean by certain channels? Like P Bandai or something?

Yeah, did not want to be a killjoy, so waited on posting the news for a while, it was sort of announced before you finished it…

Well, if you looked at the second picture, it says “ibento” limited. Not following much of Japanese company or any limited events late, so not sure what ibento they were referring to, but at least that was what it says. If anything, they will probably bring it over to P-Bandai US if there are no rights issue or anything. They did not bring the Mini Plas over because Hasbro holds rights to “Power Ranges”…

Okay, sorry, was not able to type Japanese so caused a bit of confusion. It basically says “event limited”, was reading Japanese “i” as English “I” so was confused. So whatever event, they have yet to specify.

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