I could use some advice please

As the topic said I need some advice, mainly on a build I would like to try and do. What I’m attempting to try and do is recreate a scene from the “romance of the three kingdoms” story, and it’s the scene in the peach garden where guan yu, Liu bie, zhang fei, make there oath, and I wanted to do this with using MG gundam models. So any advice on what models to use for each character would be really helpful.

Well, you can either use the Gundam that you like as the three or you can use the ones that Bandai will or had released as base.

Such as for Liu Bei:

Metal Robot Damashii:

SD Gundam Sangoku Soketsuden:

SD Gundam Legend:

SD Gundam Sangokuden:

On the side, Sun Quan Metal Robot Damashii:

Hopefully those will give you some ideas.

I think to really illustrate the point, emphasis on color will do more than just the kits themselves.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a good story and makes an excellent comparison to several scenes within several Gundam plotlines. I think one of the more relatable series is Gundam 00. Do you want to stay rather canon or take some liberties with the kits and use something visually more period?

I bring up Gundam 00 because the overall story highlights that Celestial Being looks to end war by first seeking to remove the need rather than the means. This tends to be fairly Confucian which, Liu Bei is said to have been. The Throne Gundams are darker, more sinister in that they have no regard for collateral damage so long as the means of war are destroyed, representing eventual erosion and rot of what Celestial Being represented or rather, the point of a Gundam was for (especially since the Throne Gundams were comparatively fake)

Go back and look at the personality types each Romance character exhibited and their reason for engaging in war or why they each felt the need to unify against the Yellow Turbans.

In the book, the Yellow Turban Rebellion started because of political deceit, pretty similar to Gundam 00 and the events leading to season 2. the pact of brotherhood between Liu Bei , Guan Yu and Zhang Fei was to ensure their armies would stand against the political treachery. they didnt really get their due in the end… but that’s classic Chinese novels for you :slight_smile:

Kyrios - Yellow - Zhang Fei, General of Chariots and Cavalry
Exia - Blue - Lie Bei - implemented legalism, saw things in a rather binary fashion but wasn’t without compassion
Virtue - White - Guan Yu, general of the vanguard and held off a lot of bandits.

I’d probably use a modernized building with the Gundams parked around them and the pilots walking toward the building to represent the meeting to create the pact.