I Am

(yay! Another Poem! It’s not like I haven’t been writing poems… I just haven’t been writing Gundam related ones.)

The world is wicked
But where is it twisted?
Like a Gardner
Prunes his garden
I shall
Cut away this
I will cut it off
Not the tail
But the head
I shall
Embody the sword
That severs the serpent’s head
I am
The warrior
That shall overthrow
The evil king
With my brothers and sisters in arms
My comrades
By my side
The darkness shall not reign
Our light will shine
For the world to see
I am
The gardner
The sword
The warrior
I am Gundam

(It comes in shape poem form too!)

Clap clap clap clap very impressive

It really is a shame you didn’t get to see the video for my How To… I got the topic of writing a concrete poem and this is it!

Why not upload it to youtube? I think photobucket can also upload video.

I don’t have a youtube acount… but I’ll be getting one soon!

great handwriting.

(A tear rolls down his eye)…this poem alone embodies the very spirit of Gundam…(stands up from Computer chair and applaudes) BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! This is one of the best Gundam poem i have ever read!

Setsunna would be proud.

Hearing (or rather reading) you praise makes me happy and is one of the main reasons that I write and draw! Oh and Drake I know my handwriting sucks. It always has and probably always will.

wonderful! Its is something to give insight.

I finally got a youtube account!


Congradulations…btw folks im back!!!

Hey! Wondered where you’ve been!

just did 7 chapters worth of fanfic,(trust me youll love it), goofing around, enjoying my brothers (plural) birthdays, and A) seeing my mother chew out a nurse cause the nurse mistaken a bone growth in my little bros leg to be cancer, and B) avoiding my grandmother trying to run my ass over (litterally!) lol u?