How to get stickers to stay... stuck.

Yeah, so I’ve been having some trouble with some of the stickers I’ve applied not wanting to stay down and peeling up at the edges. How do you get stickers which have started peeling to stay in place? I’d assume glue or something, but I thought that might have a chance of messing up the stickers so I thought I’d ask here and be safe.

The worst stickers are probably the ones on my HG Unicorn Destroy Mode. The eyes and the white seals on the shoulder vulcans never stay down. The gold stickers on the elbows of my RG Justice and Freedom like to do the same.

you can use Mr. Mark softer to make the stickers bend over curved pieces and Mr. Mark setter helps with adhesion.



of course you can find each WAY cheaper at your local hobby shop or at someplace else other than amazon. for some reason they charge a ton for the stuff. i paid $5 bucks for Mr. mark setter at my local hobby shop.

Those only work with Decals, not stickers.

There’s usually not much you can do unless you top coat it right after you put them on. How long have they been on the part before they start to peel up and how long will they stay down if you press them down again? If they will stay down for at least 15 minutes before lifting up again. You might be able to press them down, spray on a top coat which will dry before they start trying to peel and help keep them down for good.

I think some glue should help, but it will have to be one that won’t be too strong. I can’t say much else because I’ve relied more on painting the areas where stickers are usually used than on stickers themselves.

Well, I took my Unicorn apart and pressed down the stickers as best I could and they seem to be staying down. The ones on my RG Justice and freedom are still in place, but the areas they adhere to have lots of little bumps and dips, and though I tried using a cocktail stick to press them down into all the spaces, they still wont sit right.

As for top coats, this was the first I heard of them. I’d assume it means spraying a sealant over the gundam. What kind of spray do I need for that?

You’d need a clear coat, and one that’s safe to use on plastics. Guaranteed brands are Mr. Hobby, Tamiya, and Testors, just to name a few. There are other non-hobby brands you can use, but I tend to stick to the hobby stuff for convenience.

Recommend me any Rx78 HG that don’t apply any stickers on the body.

I don’t think there is such a thing as an HG without stickers, the least you could hope for is stickers for the head and a small amount of color correcting stickers somewhere around the body. The best way would be painting the parts where the stickers would go