How Old Are You?

Also :Where are you located!?

Im in Missouri, US.

Edit #2 : Age too, think of it as an A/S/L thread minus the S.

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I’m 17. :3

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Wow, I wasn’t going to take that seriously.

I’m an unemployed 19 year old musician / programmer. I’ll be 20 in 5 months.

Its hard to keep up on my phone -____-

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To take this thread back on track: Bay Area, CA.

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Age : 17

Living in Trier, Germany

I just had to say how much I respect this. I don’t drink or smoke either. I have tried alcohol when I was ten, to try, but never went back, and don’t intend to. Much respect.

I don’t either, never even tried smoking ( any type lol ). I did drink from 16-20 but nothing since I’ve been of age (21 here), how ironic! Being legal must’ve taken the thrill away, ha!

I’m no saint nor something else for anybody to admire at all.
I’ll tell you everything in …14 hours

good night

Hey, ume I live in Kansas near the border to Missouri XDD
Oh and I’m 19

Btw Deathscythe maybe take off some personal info it violates the rules mainly for your safety bro.

You’re all so young ! Are you going to Naka-Kon next month?

Your only 4 years older :L
Never been to a con, if you’d like to take me though I’d be glad to go. But I think if you would that’d be something we discuss the details about over pm?

Im 21 Years old, goin on 22 come this October.

28, eastern Virginia area.

You guys are making me feel really old this morning. I really do look more like I’m 30 or so. I’m actually 36 (mentally and emotionally more like 12) and I live in Whitehall, MI on the SW side of MI near Lake Michigan. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL but moved here 10 yrs ago to get a job. \m/