How much of your kits do you usually paint?

Lately, I’ve been in a sticker replacing mood.

Every part gets painted.

I don’t use stickers anymore. I paint almost everything. Even if it’s just an out of box build. I make the exception of markings for RG kits or something like the 3.0 or Proto Zero.

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I’d be stuck between the Details (replacing the stickers) and Painting the entire kit.

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I usually do out OOB builds with detailing. Though lately I got an idea to do a custom mod for a kit I plan to get.

I jump from one end of the spectrum to the other real quick like. My gouf doesnt even have the nubs removed and my Zaku F2 and gelgoog are either completely painted or getting completely painted.

Most of the time, I paint the entire kit. Once in a while, I just do details like with my Turn A.

With the modern MG kits, I barely paint anything except perhaps the thrusters, certain pistons, and some minor details. With HG kits, I’ll paint what’s necessary to make it sure parts that don’t have color and need color, have color. With the ancient pre-MG/HG era kits, I’ll paint as much as I think is needed. Most non-Gundam kits pretty much require a full paint job.

A clear coat is a must on every kit painted or not.

I rarely use the stickers for markings. However, I’ll use the stickers are for the eyes, and color highlights such as the silver and gold parts on the RG kits.

I paint all details and panel line, replacing stickers when it’s within my ability to do so. I do not fully paint the kit or airbrush, though.

Fixed it for you Zeta-G.

It varies. Sometimes I will paint the kit, change a few tones, paint a particular section, panel line, and etc.

Seriously, man. Our building styles are extremely similar. It’s so cool.

Same thing. Replacing stickers pretty much when I think I can do it. If I don’t think I can, I shy away from it.

I paint all the detail, to replace the sticker, and quite often the inner frame since I prefer metalic inner frame. For outer armor, just for adding some tone, panel lining and cover it with flat coat.

I used to just do details, including replacing the stickers but now that I have an airbrush Im painting every piece.

Quickly gave up on eye stickers after my first unpainted build (HG Unicorn Destroy mode), painted every kit since.

Normally straight build, but for some I like to replace the blue parts with red, and some red parts with dark gray

The older the kit = the more the paint. many current HG & MG kits have the color molding done very well for a casual build, and the stickers are of a higher grade than in earlier kits as well. that being said, I have gotten a little more ambitious over the years, using paint markers for easy recolors and panel markers to get all those sharp lines that are currently in fashion with the top designers. :slight_smile: I really have gotten great results with the Gundam markers, especially on primed kits. However, I must caution people that Char Red does not necessarily turn out “red”, and Char Light Red is more like Char Pink. Not Strike Rouge Pink, but definitely a bright salmon. :wink:

I always do OOB builds. I didn’t even know you could paint these kits. What do you guys usually do? I know the parts come pre-colored/molded. Do you just prime the parts and paint them your own? That might be cool with some of those tamiya spray paints.