How many Gundam model kit you have collected?

Mind if I ask you about your personal bandai collection, some collectors brought more than 10. But to think that we do spend a lot for Bandai, can you count your boxes?

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I have five High Grades and five Master Grades.

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I only have the two that are already built, but I’ll be getting a third any day now!

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This is my collection… I should stop now and Earthree is the last for me… :cry:

This is gonna take a while. I’ll post back later…

I’ve built close to 75 Gundam kits so far. Counting the ones sitting unbuilt/half finished in my closet, I have over 100, almost all HG’s. Not to mention all the Warhammer kits I’ve built.


Um I’m not going to be able to answer this today. Not done counting, but already at 20 MG, 79 HG, 6 RG, 7 SDs, and there is still a bit more to go through ca use I know I have more RGs than that, and I have a whole another 2 deep shelf, and a large mixed content pile.


OMG! That’s precious! :scream:

That looks like full of boxes in your room.

I have 10SD, 7HG, 5MG. It’s all in the paragraph.

About 119 roughly (lots of kits still sitting in boxes)

SD 1
RG 5
HG 38
MG 45
PG 11
No Grade 19

Here’s the ones in the cases.


Can’t imagine how much we spend for the 3rd party and bandai.

When it comes to Gundam, I only buy Bandai kits.

Yes, Bandai is the best quality plastic material.

Yeah I learned the hard way. I liked the look of the dragon momoko deathscythe so I bought it and half of a runner that had pieces for everything was not fully made so I couldn’t move any further than having part of it

You haven’t built a kotobukiya kit.

I have about 70… All HG’s… AND I’LL NEVER STOP.


If those are Ikea Detolf shelves, be careful with them. They only hold a max weight of 15 pounds.

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To compare between MG and SD, HG is the smallest model kit to build.

I know. I frequent HG’s because they are usually cheaper than MG’s. I don’t build SD’s because the designs just don’t interest me.

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