How long do you let Future dry?

Last time I used it. It was the last thing I did for the weekend so it set around for 18 hours before I got back to it. And now, I just finished putting the 1st Future coat on the GP01 and I was wondering if it would be safe to go back and start putting on stickers later tonight (so about 3 hours)?

P.S. Today’s temp is about 74 in the house if that matters

I would wait until tomorrow to do it, just to let it cure more, but it would be okay to put on the decals now.

I always give Future 24 hours to cure before doing anything to it. However, some people report it being workable after just eight hours.

Thanks. They are dry to the touch and seems fairly solid after about 4 hours so I proceeded to put the GP01 back together (had it in large pieces like arms, legs, lower torso, etc) but I’ll wait till tomorrow to put on the stickers and then panel line.

This might be a little off-topic but would anyone be so kind and give me a link to where I can buy future shine?
(Note : I’m not actually going to purchase it. I just want to see what future shine is.)

Here you go: