How do you usually build your kits?

I generally start with whatever section I find most interesting, and then I go in order for the rest of the kit.

I usually start at the feet and work my way up. That way if i dont finish it can stand in my little hangar. And look like its getting worked on by tiny little flight crew mechanics.

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I build the weapons and accessories first.

Torso/backpack, legs, head, arms, weapons.

It depends for me. If I’m build the kit out of box I’ll follow the order of the instructions.

But if I’m painting the kit it really depends on if it’s a HG or a MG.

I start with the most interesting first, although in truth, I don’t really have a preference overall. For example, with my Zabanya, the weapons were built first after the paint job and such. Next section to build will probably be the arms or legs so I can see whether any friction will happen.

I go by the manual. I’m boring.

Manual for me. We have a lot in common when building, Plamo, haha.

Well, I’ve only built like three models before, so I usually start out with the manual, because I’m still a newbie.

Though if you give me advice, I’ll follow the advice that was given.

Experienced Advice > Instructional sheet

I like building the frame first. I like to check out the naked inner frame and im not a fan of disassembling my kits because I tend to break things!

Follow the order given in the manual.
Only I time I don’t follow the manual, usually the manual says first you build the head, then the body, then the arms, then you put em all together in one later step. Once I’ve finished building, say, the arm, I attach it to the body immediately.

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I’m with you on this, bro. I like to assemble the inner frame first, add few detail to the visible frame. Then the feet, backpack, head, and aftel all that finished, I put the outer armor on. Then go with the weapon.

I always follow the manual, since that helps me follow the KISS principle. (Keep It Simple Stupid :wink: )

I usually follow the guide. I find things just get too hectic if I float around. I like things to be in order so I just follow the steps.