How do you think the MS franchise can brought to wider audiences?

Not to mention Lisenceing for anything Macross has gone to shit because of that fiasco and if something like that happens to Gundam…the fallout will be felt. Hence why no Games with anything Macross come to this side of the pond from what I’ve seen.

Which is why if Sunrise wants to get Gundam over here more they need to keep the Lisenceing to them selves, because it can cause issues if something like what happened to Macross comes into being.

Harmony Gold only bought the license for the original Macross. The rest of it is not licensed by it but because Harmony Gold became a so called patent troll and is basically trying to tie up anyone that tries to get macross over here in court the japanese company simply abandoned the idea. However even in japan Macross is not as big as Gundam, there has been only 3 full season animes of Macross over the last 25 years.Still macross is one of my all time favorite animes.

A live action movie. Directed by someone who understands this kind of thing, I vote for G. del Toro.

Movie is too short. As we have seen from the performance of Pacific Rim it seems the US viewers do not go for that yet. Instead choosing something stupid like Grown Ups 2. Which is why they need to be eased into it with a live action tv series. A scifi series about future war with mysterious newtypes, mobile suits and teenage soldiers seems to be a good fit. Especially a gritty and realistic depiction of war. The only reason someone is not doing it is because they consider it a bit too risky and as we know from previously cancelled brilliant tv shows everything that is deemed risky is discarded.

An idea has been hanging around head for awhile now. The idea is for people to experience Gundam through a video game. An example would be that one could play through all of 0079, then Zeta, then ZZ, then CCA, and finally Unicorn.

Well I have played the gundam dynasty warriors 1,2 and 3. For gundam fans they are ok games but for random people? It need to be more like Gundam Crossfire but much better done with faster controls and more story.

Operation Troy could have done that because that could have really grabbed up some COD and other online multiplayer first person shooters

The Dynasty Warrior games themselves are great because they’re so variable in what happens when you play. You can get a small difference every time you play a map, which is nice. However, it does get stale. The same with DWG.

The problem is DWG leans too much on “Dynasty Warriors”, and not it’s own game. It would be nice to have the simple aspects of Dynasty Warriors, such as enemy crowds and variable aspects such as enemies appearing, but the Gundams themselves don’t feel like mecha. They feel like Iron Man suits, and this kills it.

Since when does a Gundam just kick itself back up when it’s knocked down? Mobile Suits shouldn’t have human like movements like that.
Otherwise, great games, music, story, it’s all good.

I don’t have a problem with DWG. It just needs to drop the “Dynasty Warriors/Musou” name. Tecmo-KOEI still make a great game, so I don’t want them to change that much, but don’t make us lulz at things we’d never see in a MS anime.

I personally quite liked the Gundam Crossfire game but it is quite bugged. The movements are clunkier than needed and it doesnt always respond as you need it. But overall, the feel of weapons was nice. Oh and more realistic damage would be good.

I think thats because the game was rushed to the shelves. It really seems there was more planned for the game, and some of the mission were obviously not fully tested either.

I think a game would be a good way to introduce the series back here in the states. It worked well in the late 90s to about 2004 with the American release of Gundam Battle Assault 2 for the Playstation which featured MANY mobile suits and characters that had not been seen in the American theater, I think it came out after G Gundam aired so at that time the only English series that had aired were Gundam Wing, G Gundam, and MAYBE 0083, but playing the game certainly left me wondering where in the flying F*** all of these different mobile suits came from, and then Journey to Jaburo actually showed a lot of remastered footage from the original gundam, which was a great idea because it got me interested in the series to try and fill in the gap of what happened after the end of the game. The same was well done for Encounters in Space with a lot of new and reanimated footage being used and introducing a lot of the UC prior to Zeta, although if encounters in space had a Zeta Gundam segment it would have been too big I think.

And the Zeon side is really weak. I started playing for Zeon and really most of the Feddie MS are quite a lot tougher. And beam swords are far superior to anything that Zeon has.It takes 4-6 hits with a 360mm bazooka equipped to Dom to destroy a GM Command, Cold Climate type or Ground variations. The Command one is the toughest.

Don’t forget about Gundam: Federation vs Zeon and Gundam: Gundam vs Zeta Gundam. I loved both of those games and I think their two of the best gundam games that came out.

As for Crossfire, the GM Command and the Gouf Custom were my favorite suits to pilot. The federation side was tougher if you didn’t use beam weapons, it really evened the game up in my opinion

Well, sometimes I wonder how Gundam UC for the Ps3 is and whether that’d have done well, being distributed in the US.

apart from gundam dynasty warriors I had to import Crossfire from japan and since the other games only have japanese UI. I cant read japanese.

Um, Crossfire has an English version, it’s was renamed Target in Sight for the west but it did get a western version it did abysmally though in terms of reviews and sales so it was the last non DWG Gundam game we got over here.

I’m fine with importing personally I can’t read Japanese but 90% of the menu’s are in English and there are translation guides on the internet on the off chance there is something that can’t be figured out on it’s own.

That said Crossfire was meh IMO, now 0081 (it’s successor in terms of Gameplay and Engine) was great, the only thing Crossfire had on it was the parts damage which I was personally fine with them not includeing it wasn’t a deal breaker, my one gripe was that some of the parts could only be gained online, so it was impossible to get a few suits if you only played online, that and Freemode could get to be a grind fest, I think the best suit I got before giving up was Ez8, for the feddie side, I may go back and play it again, maybe get the merc mode where everything costs twice as much, but you have twice as many missions to make up for it. (Not to mention Zeonic and Feddie equipment, which could be intresting)

In UK they dont sell 0081. i knew crossfire had english audio and UI from the start because they just made one version for everyone. And the one in uk sold for like £15 but I got it from japan for £5. Is 0081 in english>?

No it isn’t but it’s easy enough to understand over half of it is in English, just no audio and a few things in English, it’s pretty easy to understand.

Hell most imported games are easy as hell to understand really, the main thing is Audio, there are story transelations online, but it’s easy enough to get with a quick Synapsis. The Freemode with no story is where you’d likely spend most of your time anyways.

Its still quite expensive at £30. So I am probably going to wait for ps4 and hope it has gundam games in english