How do you paint?

When you paint your kits (if you do that is) how do you paint them?

For me, if I’m painting an entire kit, I start by cutting the pieces off of the runners, trimming and sanding them them, gluing together non moving/non polycap parts (this is to eliminate seamlines), and then spray painting them with the color of choice (several coats of course). After that’s done I go through and paint the little details, add decals/stickers, and panel lining, then finish it up with a coat of clear sealant to help everything stay in tact.

For just little details, I simply paint them with acrylic or testors paints.

So how do you paint your kits.
(Asterisk, feel free to share with us your mastery of the painting arts)

You are simply not going to believe this.

I paint with a brush. By hand. No primer. No sealant. Games Workshop, Privateer Press and Testors paints, thinned to the consistency of somewhere between skim and 2% milk. No real tricks, gimmicks, fancy techniques. Just patience.

My shaky hands would ruin a kit doing that.
tips hat to asterisk’s painting skills

It probably helps that I also paint pewter miniatures.

I took a long break from Gunpla when I discovered affordable, DECENT fantasy miniatures, and my painting vastly improved as a result.

Asterisk, you will never cease to amaze me. I finished my Kapool, though, and I’ll post pics later. Hopefully it’ll look as good as your kits do.

If I stay with the hobby, I’d like to get a little airbrush at some point. (I know how I can get bored with things - two years is a tiny commitment so far.) I just brush paint, mostly details, using a combination of Tamiya and Testors acrylics. Panel line using Gundam Markers…

I’m just generally doing this for fun, though, and if I start being too much of a perfectionist, it’s not fun…

I have heard from many people who’ve gotten into gunpla from other modeling/gaming hobbies that gunpla are just a piece of cake in comparison.

I have heard from many people who’ve gotten into gunpla from other modeling/gaming hobbies that gunpla are just a piece of cake in comparison.[/quote]
I can’t really comment about how difficult it is to paint different kinds of kits. I’ve yet to stumble across a major western model maker that can compare with Bandai’s skills when it comes to designing the parts/assembly of the models themselves. When it comes to actually assembling the kits, Western modeling companies seem to go for glue required, which is more tedious, but not all that difficult. I used to get all sorts of aircraft model kits, but Master Grade Gunpla spoiled me with their high amount of detail; I can only imagine how much more detailed a PG would be in comparison.

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I honestly find that when it comes to painting gunpla, no two kits are a like. It seems that you have to use a different painting method for each kit. For example, my GN zaku. I couldn’t paint that in my normal methods. I had to disassemble the entire thing and paint every single part individually. As for the Kapool, I followed my method listed above. I like this about Gunpla, it keeps things interesting.

Eh, if you’re just doing standard detail and panel lining, sure. If you’re doing full-on weathering, or custom color schemes? I don’t quite think so.

I’d agree with that. I used to play Mech Warrior (miniatures) all the time and I painted those entirely, and even though they were small, they were a piece of cake in comparison to some of the gunpla kits I’ve painted.

That is of course until I got those. They were fun to screw around with but I think they’re just sitting in a box about now.

Yeah, nowhere near as cool as Gunpla huh? But some of them were really cool looking.

True enough. I think it’s just lack of motivation to spend the same money for much smaller pieces. Not only that, but I don’t exactly want to actually play the game it was about.

I took the shield from Carbon Frame and gave it to Silver Frame. So now he’s twin shielding with both beam sabers. Those 1/144 kits hold on to the beam sabers amazingly. Either that or it’s the layer of chrome paint that’s giving it some cushion room.

True true. I don’t think you should’ve mixed the spray and normal paint together. I think it made it look a bit clumpy.

I didn’t really. I only ever tried the White on the shield because we didn’t have any flat white. It’s all good though, because if anything these were trials for the 1/100’s.

Yeah, you’re going to need some new 1/100 Astrays, your red frame is pretty fubar’d man.

Uggu. He’s all falling apart. I just straight up need a new one. I give up with him. I might not even fix him up anymore. It’s like a Geo. You have it while it runs, then you can’t keep up with maintaining it so you get something new.

Yeah, but you can always use it as a parts kit. I mean, custom Astray, Goro style lol.

I still just like it as it is. He keeps Buster company. I have quite a plan on how i’m gonna paint the 1/100. I’m going to try and make it as flawless as given possible.

Just out of curiosity GNZ and SFA what does the last page or so have to do with painting techniques? :?:
I’m just trying to steer the discussion back on course.