How do I start?

Hello Guys,

I just brought my first Gundam Model. Before starting with it, I wanted to ask some modelers who have experience about building these kits. Should I build the Gundam out of the Box with Glue and then just put Stickers on it? Or do I have to paint the parts? I am building Scale Model Tanks since 2 years, but never build up a Gundam before, so I need some help at the beginning.

Thank you in advance!

P.S. My first kit is the MSN-06S Sinanju from the SD Series

Most Gundam kits since about 1988 or so don’t require glue, and painting is not required either since the parts are molded in color. I paint my kits anyway, just because I enjoy painting my models and I don’t like to use the included foil stickers. I hope you enjoy your first model.

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Entirely up to you.

SD kits are pretty simplified. You can get by with just the stickers and they will look good enough. But if you want them to look better, some details and panel lines can be done to enhance the look. You can go as far as paint them if you wish. Depends on how detail oriented you want to be.

Kits before the original ZZ ones will look better painted, such as the “First Grade”, as some called, ones because they are like blank canvases even when assembled.

If you get into the HG, RG, MG, PG, and even newer SD kits, like ShadowsAndDust said, they are pretty much molded in different colors even on the same tree so you can get away with just stickers and decals, but panel lines are still recommended by most.

As with other model kits, you should probably pre assemble them before using glue. If you are confident enough to just use glue when assemble, that will be okay too, but just in case you change your mind about doing paint or not, modify it or not…

Anyway, you should definitely go with SD or HG for simplification, you can definitely go straight for RG, MG, and even PG if you wish, but those ones have more detail parts so you need to follow the instructions closely for those. SD and some HG are straightforward and lack of instruction probably will not result in disaster, just time to figure it out.

Ok, thanks for your help and tipps. I think I am gonna paint the model because the pure plastic looks a bit “weird” in the showcase. Are there any options to get Waterslide Decals for the kits? After painting, I wont use the included stickers.

Bandai does make optional water slide decal sets for HG and MG use. While they are periodically reissued, they tend to sell out pretty fast, so get them while you can. Here’s a link to Hobby Link Japan’s listing. You can also get them from USA Gundam Store and Ebay.

Ebay is your best bet for decals. Bandai doesn’t make decals for all their kits, but you might be able find a 3rd party manufacturer who does.

There’s also a site called samueldecal that deals with you guessed it decals, as well as a few models/resin conversions but like it’s been mentioned, water slides sell out quick

I’m lucky I bought all of Bandai’s decals last summer when a bunch of them were in stock at HLJ.