How big an Addict are you?

Looking at my addiction, and trying to update my series watched list on another site, I have had to give up for the moment. (having dial up, and going through thousands of series, and trying to remember them all is hard after a while.) But I figured I’d ask the members here, how big of a Otaku, NEET, Anime Addict are you on a scale of 1 to 10? So post your level of addiction, explain if you can, and we can see how bad an epidemic we have among our modelling cohorts.

Rough Scale to go on.

1 - Not bad, seen maybe a couple of series.
5 - I do it in moderation, though I have still watched a few dozen of series.
10 - Watched hundreds of series, spent thousands of dollars. The time you have spent on anime equals a noticeable chunk of your entire life on a pie chart.

In the interest of honesty, and being open about my nature, I’m a 10, there is no hiding that lol.

I’ll say somewhere between 5 and 10 for me. I’ve always loved anime since a child, of course I never knew what I’ve watched was anime until you learn how to use a forum and learn what anime is from other people. I’ve watched some classics that nobody will know now (Like Sabre Rider, and some fairy tale based anime) and Pokemon, but my first absolutely true Anime that wasn’t cut or localized in any way was DBZ, and thanks to that, has expanded my horizons on other shounen stuff, like Saint Seiya (ENG: Knights of the Zodiac).

I say between 5 and 10 because I don’t think I could live without knowing what anime is, haha. Not that I make pie charts and lists, though I do have a page on MAL. I make more lists for video games than anime tbh. Still, I like to call myself something of an otaku.

I’m not going to go ahead and say 10, because I don’t have the money to spend on things that would label me Otaku.

I’m a 3 at most. Work, church, fiance, model kits, and watching MMA keeps me too busy nowadays. The only anime series I’m watching now is Build Fighters and Turn A (piecemeal since I want to make it last). I might pick up Gundam X again too. I’m reading/following two manga only also: Hajime no Ippo and Otoyomegatari. I’ve watched a few anime series and got a few more in storage that I still have to watch. Went through a few manga series as well some years ago.

I’m most likely a two. I’ve just discovered anime recently, and haven’t been able to watch too many series.

Most likely a two; considering I fancy old, long-forgotten anime insignifcant to others.
I dislike newer animes for no apparent reason; it’s almost visceral.
Taking into account I also rather disdain character designs featuring big eyes (G Wing was on the edge), there isn’t much for me to choose between

I’d say I’m about a 5. I watched plenty of series to keep me occupied and I keep up with the new one’s that are siring on the New Toonami However, I do not let watching anime interfere with the rest of my life.

A five or so going off of your criteria.

I see a few things but unless it’s something I’ve been into for awhile, or I have highly recomended/stumble into(Like I did with Hellsing, and Afro Samurai) I don’t really care.

Id say im a 2.4 . Ive pratically seen ever gundam series. I would kinda like to get off into kits but i dont have the patience and im to lazy. The only anime im into and find intresting is gundam. And gundam is the only reason why im getting a ps4

Maybe a 7 or 8.
If I’m not playing on facebook I’m watching anime. I’m always trying to find new anime to watch, however I haven’t spent a fortune on anime, if you exclude gunpla.

A 5 but it’s steadily progressing towards a 6. Nice to see that your account name is similar to mine XD

Between 5 and 10, when I used to be a admin for a anime site I was a straight up 10 and beyond. Right now it depends, sometimes I’ll watch several series a month, other times I barely watch any anime for a month or 2 at a time

I would say I’m about 8-10 Otaku/Neet without the Social Anxiety or Stigmas.

I got started on Anime as young as 6? (Zenki!) I’ve seen countless amounts of anime, always on time as they come out. I could probably fill up about 3 TBs worth. Every Season of new anime I download every single one be it 40+ Series in that season and always give Episode 1’s a shot. I also tend to do Episode 2’s but only if the show has “potential”
I was also part of a Sub Group so I’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum in terms of Fan-Subbing.

I say without the social stigma because I hate how “Otakus” are seen as parasitic but I don’t think that is true at all. That’s pretty much it ._. & if you are interested I was part of BSS, we did TTGL, Moyashimon, KimiKiss, etc.

That’s pretty much it…


I download my anime and I rarely dish out money for my anime/manga/VN etc.

I’m a two.

I only watch Gundam and very few others.

And I’ve spent a ton of cash on Gunpla.

You’ve spent money? That automatically propels you to no less a 5 :wink: I have not spent any cash and Gundam is the ONLY series Im watching now and I’d say Im a 5 >:)