How and where to start

I would like to build a gundam. What would be the best kit to start with? Any must have tools to have?


Do you have a favorite MS? I’d start with picking up a High Grade (HG) kit of a suit that you like and going from there.

I new to whole thing. I would like to start watching the original series of it but can’t find it.

Hey Stemy! Welcome to Gunpla!

Some tools I definitely recommend are some snips (To cut the parts out of the runners), a hobby knife (To trim the nubs back after cutting them out), and a cutting mat. The cutting mat isn’t necessary, but it’s nice to build/cut on to collect all the debris.

As for kits. As thwalker13 mentioned, just get whatever kit you think looks cool and start there. It is best to start with a High Grade (HG).

I think Gundam Origin is on Hulu, it is a re-telling of the original story. It’s probably going to be the easiest to find. Hulu has several other Gundam series as well, and they’re all great :slight_smile:

Find a ms you like, preferably a newer hg (most newer kits are better in terms of quality and build.)

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Will I need glue and paints?

You don’t absolutely need glue but sometimes the pieces are loose and fall off easily so having some super glue never hurts. As for paint that’s not necessary unless you want to paint them. They come molded in the colors and whatever small accents aren’t in the color they usually have stickers for.

You can find the original Mobile Suit Gundam, as well as a plethora of other Gundam series, on Blue Ray and DVD from Right Stuf Anime.

Like to add some to what Brotherblades said, post 1990-1991(?), the years might not be correct because did not checked on this, kits mostly do not really need paint because they used plastic injection and inject multiple colors onto the same tree so you do not really need to paint. You just probably need to do some panel lines to make the kits look more detailed. However, you might still want to paint if the plastic color or plastic feel is not what you want.

If you do want to paint, you might want to glue them. But for first fitting, unless you really know what you are doing or very confident, you might want to glue it right away. You might also need to do few dry fittings before you want to glue it. Though entirely up to you what you want. But have seen badly glued kit personally and it is fairly clear the person that did it have no clue about building the kits because the nip buds are still on the parts.

So besides the optional glue and paints, you will need a very good and sharp knife, scissors, and/or a pair nipper. Nipper is good for cutting the parts off the tree cleanly, but if you cannot get the nip bud off the parts, you will need to use the knife to slowly and carefully clean it off. You can also just use scissors, but nipper is easier. There are also some other tools you might want to get, but for beginners, knife, scissors, and/or nipper will get you started.

You might want to start with no grade ones, SD, if you like the SD look, some people do not, and HG, for beginners. Then work your way to MG and PG and resin stuffs. You can also dive directly into the higher grade ones, but they are generally more expensive so practice on lower price kits will be better.

Lastly, you can probably watch the series on Youtube, if you can find them, but that is more gray area part. You can probably borrow the DVD from library(ies) if they have them.

I don’t have a local hobby near me, what the best website to find kits and for the best price.

You can try USA Gundam Store and Hobby Link Japan are your best bets though. Big Bad Toy Store is where I get my P-Bandai kits.

Well, USAGundamStore already had like 3 summer sales the past couple months, so you might want to sign up mailing listing from them first.

As ShadowsAndDust, mentioned, those are all good sites, but Amazon’s price sometimes fluctuate too much and not sure how or whom decides the price. You can see some insane prices on there.

I’ve noticed that when Amazon has insane prices, it’s usually for kits that haven’t been reissued in awhile. That’s the nice thing about collecting Gunpla. Bandai periodically reissues older kits - even P-Bandai kits get reissued - so if you miss out on something, it’s not gone for good. You just need to be patient and wait for a reissue.

One thing I can say is, whatever kit you pick, you are probably going to have a great time building it. My first kit was a master grade Strike Gundam with the IWSP (Big ass jetpack with jet wings) that I painted and everything, made a TON of mistakes on, and absolutely loved building. I was hooked. My next kit went much better and I just keep getting better with every kit. You’ll make a bunch of mistakes but you have to make them to learn how to avoid them and do it right. Everybody is saying start with a HG and they are probably right but in my experience, if it’s a kit you think looks really cool, you’re gonna have a good time. Good luck on your build, you should come back with updates when you get one built. PS when I started I had only seen Gundam Wing and 08th MS team but the kits were so cool I just picked the one I liked without knowing anything about the series it was from. I still don’t know which series the Gundam Strike is from, but I love the kit.

One other thing that’s very important: Always take your time. Try not to rush anything if you can help it. This hobby will be around for a long time and model kits tend to always be available.


I am currently looking at the Bandai Hobby Gundam HGUC MS-06S Zaku II Char Custom HG 1/144 Model Kit. Mainly because I just was the mobile suit gundam the origin. And liked the red comet. I’m just started watching the 08th ms team series. Getting more hooked on MSG more I watch.

If you like the 08th ms team I recommend reading the last war chronicles, the midnight fenrir, and mobile suit gundam blue Destiny mangas. All great series.

hg 1/144 rx-78 gundam would be my vote.

Be sure to get the Revive Version.

That Zaku II S (Origin) kit is fine.

One common mistake that I see beginners make is buying a bunch of unnecessary tools.

Really, all you need is a sprue/parts cutter, preferably pointed side cutters. Tamiya makes nice ones and I have used them myself.

A parts separator is recommended.

When you want to get more serious you can get tools like a hobby knife, sandpaper, tweezers, etc.

Get a feel for it. See if you just want to snap kits together or go even further and put work into a kit.