Hobby Seach?

So I’m thinking about buying some SD model kits from a website called Hobby Search and I was wondering if it is a good sight to buy model kits from? Here’s a link to the sight


Does anyone know if it’s a good idea to shop from Hobby Search?

I’ve never bought from them, but it’s been around a long time.
(Also, I’ve never noticed that’s what they were actually called, always thought it was just 1999 lol)
Reviews from reddit sound good.

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I haven’t personally used them, but I’ve heard good things.

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Have used them years ago, purchased probably couple times, so not sure if anything changed since then. But if remembered correctly, cost of their items tends to be lower than retail, and did received the items in okay to good conditions, again though, has been years. Cannot remember if their shipping costs were okay or not though. Not too sure as well, but if remember correctly, did not used their support before, so cannot be sure how well their support can be or how good their English is if you need help.

Though you might need to keep in mind, in Japan, the sales tax is 10% since sometime last year or the year before, and you might be charged that if their price did not factored that in already.

You can also check with HLJ, have not used them for quite a while too though, but they do have people with better English as the owner supposedly be American (?) or at least natively English speaking and should be able to provide better support, language-wise, if needed.

Both sites were pretty good, just have not used them for a while due to shipping costs. 1999.co.jp do have a slightly easier navigate site though.

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While I haven’t ordered from them in the last 2 years, I switched over to them long ago after being screwed over by HLJ (and other incidents). Years before that, I did purchase from Hobby Search every now and then, especially when they delivered paint before then bans.

Never had a problem with them. Their payment and packing is a bit slow because of estimates and payment clearing.

I mostly ordered hobby tools. I wish I knew how well they package books, there are many art books I want to buy, but there is no way in hell I’m gonna give HLJ my money.

If this is your first time buying overseas, get ready to pay a lot in shipping (as with any purchase(s) when buying directly from Japan). It’s only worth it if you’re going to multiple items.

Ignore their points system.

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I have personally ordered a few kits from them, and even pre-ordered a few kits from them. All times I have had good experience from them. I would recommend them, as they can some times have some of the more rare items.

Although I have never bought any gunplas from them, their service is really up to par based on my purchase of N-scale Shinkansen and rail track sets years ago. They do reply with English but since they are not native speakers (I am not too :sweat_smile:), you may need some back-and-forth communications for any clarifications. Please let me know if you need any help in translation. Not sure how they manage to keep the price lower than average but the train models that I bought from them are 100% genuine from the manufacturer Kato (and yes they run too!).

The only issue that may hold you back is the shipping cost. They do consolidate items but if you plan to buy a large MG or even PG kit, that may not be a good idea. EMS is actually not different from a robbery business that is recognized by law.