His Soul

(Well this isn’t really a fanfic more of a poem.)

His Soul

As I looked into his eyes
His soul
withen the quiet bedlam
two emotions stuck out
Understanding and sadness
because he had been through this
because he had been through worse

(I had Allelujah in mind when I wrote this. I thinking that this would be in Marie’s POV, but it can be in whoever’s POV you want it to be.)
EDIT: I showed this to my teacher and since bedlam was one of our vocab words, I got extra credit! :smiley:

Very cool man, im impressed. were you using Hiaku? just curious.

Not a 5/7/5 syllable structure, so no.

I do enjoy it though. I feel like poems are very much welcome to this subforum.

Aw, thank you!

I trust we will see more of your work in the coming future.

Nice job and great work I see your an Allelujah Haptism fan.

Perhaps if I have another long night doing homework and being hiped up on caffeine, while also listening to Gundam music.

Thank you and yes I am a Alle fan.

sniff it really speaks to me, but seriously really nice job

Why, thank you!

So I’m thinking about posting this weird dream I had after I went to bed right after doing homework while drinking soda to keep me up and listening to gundam music. (RX-0 knows what it’s about.)

Go for it.

Wow this is absolutely incredible! Truly beautiful :slight_smile:

please for the love of sanity don’t

I don’t even remember what it was anymore.