Hidden gem. PG agile + skygrasper

Hi all.

I was recently at my model shop and saw the PG agile + Skyscraper (a&s) and i instantly thought what a great model.

I been pretty bored of regular models and been looking for others. I even tried building Bandai Star Wars.

Anyways. For the price the (a&s) is about 75 bucks CAD and I think it is very cheap. Granted it doesn’t have a lot of parts but is also means it is easy to paint and custom. The (a&s) also comes with a pg stand, or you can display it with with it landing gear out. And perhaps reuse the stand for a pg model. It is basically the same stand for the PG freedom. And would require some modding but it isn’t something you can buy off the shelf regardless.

I don’t have a air brush so I hand paint my models. I took a close up and you can see the brush strokes. But I thought this came out really good. I changed the orange parts to a metallic gray and also painted the blue and red with metallic paints. It has really nice presents on the shelf.

Though most people would buy this to go with the pg strike. And wouldn’t consider it as a solo piece. I think it make a great solo piece.


Nice! I bought mine a few years ago for 4300 yen but didn’t work on it until last year when PG Perfect Strike was released. Here is what Mu’s unit looks like using the Launcher Striker.

When it is displayed side by side with Strike, they look stunning.

Note that if you plan to get the PB extension kit, you cannot mount the grappler to Skygrasper while using the the display stand at the same time because they share the same connection. Likewise, the Perfect Strike only comes with one arm connection part. This means that you have to choose between the shield and grappler.


that is a nice looking setup you have. i like the use of copper. the decals look good, perhaps i need to put more on mine too.