Hi! I'm "new" in this Gunpla Universe and have a lot of questions!

Hi, I’m glad to find this Forum!! I tryed to be away of the Figures world, I’m already a computer enthusiast, so, my budget is already taken, jejeje, BUT recently YouTube was bombing me with Gunpla sugested videos and at this time I’m craving for building Gunpla.

Meanwhile, I’ve taked One that have like 17 years (or more, not sure) collecting dust on a shelf on my mother’s house, I remember buying it only because was on sale and was the only thing I aford on that toyshop that day, so as you imagine I didn’t put to much effort on the building and the model has a lot of nib damage, so I only clean it and then give it a very dirty (and noob) “weathering” in order to try to hide the horrible errors that my teenanger me made on the model.

I think is a RX-78-2, from Bandai, but I ignore all more details, it came with the shield, gun and a pair of beam swords, but the swords and the bemas get los with the time, let me share a picture, plese be gentle.


I really want the MG Barbatos on the forum header, but I think I need to practice with a couple of 1/144 first.

So, what questions do you have?

Is about the sanding, I noticed that if I sand a nub mark, for example, I “kill” the glossy finish on the piece, so, if I want to fully remove a nub mark, I need to paint the piece in order to mantain the glossy finish?

Or I need to give the finished model al full coat of glossy finish? or there are nub mark removal alternatives if I dont want or don’t know how to airbrush my models?

Thank you!

There are several different methods to obtain a glossy finish and remove nub Mark’s. A lot of people like to was money on the Gunprimer gate remover set I can achieve the same results for $10. The easiest and cheap method for beginners is to use a fingernail buffing kit I recommendthe board still over the blocks. The only cost a couple of dollars.

Here’s what you do.

Cut the from the sprue with a part of sprue cutters (worst case scenario you can use fingernail clippers). When you cut the part from the sprue do not cut directly against the part. You can damage the plastic and leave stress Mark’s on the part. You want to leave a little bit of the nub protruding from the part.

Now take a 400 grit sanding stick and lightly sand the nub until it is flush with the part.

Now go over the part you just sanded with 600 or 800 grit sandpaper.

Once you finish sanding take the fingernail buffing kit and go over the area you just sanded start with the coarsest board and work your way up to the shine board and buff it with shine board till you get the desired results. Just remember to use light pressure.

We all have to start somewhere! Is this a first build ever? It looks great considering you built it a long time ago! To think, you can only get better with what you learn.

Yes is a first build ever BUUUUT I’ve build it like 17 years ago and it was sitting on a shelf on my mothers house, some days ago when I star to watch videos and searching gunplas on amazon I remembered it, so I retrieve it and make the “weathering” a couple of days ago, I hope I can buy a new one this month ^^